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Cooking With John

Stephen: My kitchen. John made me breakfast. Thanks, sweetheart.

Recapper: It's a cute scene, but we should probably blow through it. While this revelation that you're a great cook does make you more appealing, John, it was already revealed last week and besides, this is what worries me. It's like once the show realized people like you best, they decided to drench you in Eau De Appeal, and I'm afraid you're going to drown. Stop me before I get into my whole stewing-versus-baking analogy.

Angel: Stop. Now.

Stephen: Yes, and shut up, Cindy. I haven't eaten like this in years. Anyhow, I encourage John to return to the lair and face Cara. Our people need him.

Magical Voting Candles: We'll ready ourselves, just in case.

John: After Stephen leaves, I poke around his room. The picture of Stephen and Astrid makes me smile. I'm considering my wristwatch when Charlotte TP calls out to me.

Charlotte: Cara isn't the same without you, and neither are we. If you don't come back soon, I'm going to hate you, forever.

John: I miss you too, Charlie.

Recapper: See, and like this. Now you're great with little kids. Taint.

John: Should I be a dick to her?

Recapper: No, it's not any one appealing quality that's the problem -- it's that you have too many. I'm scared you're going from sympathetic character to Impossibly Perfect, which, ironically, will ruin you.

Cara: Over at the lair, I find Charlotte just as she's ending her conversation with John. It's okay. I miss him, too.

Charlotte: Then let him come back home.

Cara: I can't force him to if he's not ready. That reminds me of when I met John, on the subway, three years ago.

Recapper: We flash back to three years ago. Cara TK-steals what looks like a guy's wallet, but why he'd leave it on the subway seat is beyond me.

John: She then steals my watch. You're telepathic, Cara. What do you need a phone for?

Audience: To talk to the rest of the world.

Recapper: Oh, did she steal the guy's phone?

Cara: Cindy, you're stepping on my lines. And you, appealing boy -- I'm not telepathic, and how did you know my name?

John: I read your mind. Now listen, carefully. There's a place off the streets for people like us, where you'll be safe from Ultra.

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