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Enemy Of My Enemy

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Cooking With John

Stephen: But I didn't!

Audience: We know.

Jed: Okay. What happened? Where is Julian?

Stephen: I was just about to ask you the same thing. I'm going to feed you a pack of lies now, so there's no need for me to bore our audience with said lies. Again.

Jed: So noted. I'm glad Julian is no longer with us and am happy you're back. I want this war to end, Stephen. I would do anything to see it finished.

Stephen: What about Charlotte?

Jed: I'm sending her back to the Citadel. Where else?

Stephen: You say this war is to protect humanity, but you don't know the first thing about being human.

Audience: Untrue. This episode (aside from the Morgan thing) presents some of the first bits of evidence that Uncle Jed is not as bad as he seems. He tried to stop bad acts against SUPES, twice, in one overly long hour.

Recapper: Damn it. I think you're right.

God: Language, Cynthia. The whole Lent thing is a human convention, but you're a human and you willingly signed on.

Recapper: Frak.

God: I'll allow it.

Jed: *Has deep thoughts*

Charlotte: Well, that's all very well and good for these full grown men, one of which has super powers, and the other of which has a deadly organization at his fingertips, but I'm wearing a suppression cuff, while other grown men drag me out to a van, which will transport me to the Citadel where Ultra will continue to perform torturous experiments on me.

Russell: Except that I've somehow disabled the driver and taken the wheel, kiddo.

Charlotte: Cool beans!

Readers: Cool beans?

Recapper: Don't look at me. It's something my college roomie used to say. Hi, Lisa!

Lisa: Cyn, did I give you permission to use my real name in your recap?

Recapper: No, but given our age bracket, it's not like the name Lisa is going to help anyone discover your real identity.

Lisa: Point.

Stephen: The next morning, I stumble down the stairs, only to find Astrid at my door.

Astrid: I hope you're not going to school looking like that.

Stephen: Please. I'm one of the leads on a CW series. I can't look bad.

Astrid: I know, but we're pretending you do.

Stephen: I thought you were sick. (I didn't. Not really.)

Astrid: I'm feeling better, now. It was John, actually.

Audience: We completely understand.

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Tomorrow People




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