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Enemy Of My Enemy

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Cooking With John

Recapper: Shut it, hepatocytes. Cara reports the rest of them have teleported to a safe house in Far Rockaway.

Cara: I order John to report to the safe house.

John: Nope.

Cara: Respect my authoritah.

John: Nope.

Cara: You're so stubborn.

John: I'm stubborn?

Cara: Let's make out.

John: Agreed.

Audience: Groan.

Fred Savage circa The Princess Bride: I know, right?

Recapper: So, Julian and the kill squad invade the lair. Cara tries to give herself up, but what Julian wants more than anything in the world is for Cara to die.

Audience: Oh, our God...

God: I said, leave me out of this.

Audience: Sorry. Oh our goodness, is Julian -- the psycho -- our avatar?

Sherlock Audience: That might be better than Anderson.

Recapper: Hush, you. Is it a problem if Julian is our avatar?

Audience: Does he achieve our his goal?

Recapper: Nope.

Audience: Damn it.

God: Done.

Recapper: The kicker is, the kill squad is ready to execute Cara on Julian's command, even though she has seemingly surrendered. This means Jed sent out a kill squad with no instructions on what they should do in what circumstances, even though they were going out under the command of a known, psycho-SUPE, instead of one of his loyal Ultra SUPES.

Jed: And I take issue with this, because I am way more controlling than that.

Recapper: There, there. We're past the point of blaming the characters. We're only blaming the writers now.

Writers: Hey, were it not for us, there'd be no show.

Recapper: Bingo! So yeah, John, Cara and Russell teleport in and out of view to keep Julian and the squad disoriented. Then they lead them to a closed room (the doors have bullet proof windows), that they've armed with D-chips and lock them in. Julian is powerless, but why the kill squad doesn't shoot off the door lock is beyond me.

Kill Squad: Not in the script.

Jed: Meanwhile, I'm having major angst, because Julian and the kill squad are so far underground that I can no longer track them. I can't even disable Julian's sinus bomb.

Julian: And so I blow up and take the kill squad with me. Later, bitches.

Jed: I mourn Stephen, because I figure he got blown up by Julian's snot rocket.

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Tomorrow People




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