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Cooking With John
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In my head, I keep trying to fix The Tomorrow People. Let's leave aside my distaste for Cara, because the Cara issue is merely a symptom of the larger problem with the series. And I hate to say this, but I'm afraid the taint is soon going to spread to John. On my first pass, I tried to explain the show's problem with this whole cooking analogy, but, well...

Angel: Let's say it made me wistful for Buffy's cookie dough thing.

John: Speaking of cooking, I made you some French toast.

Stephen: It's delicious, just like our story.

Recapper: No, Stephen. This show is not yummy like French toast.

Stephen: What does it taste like, then?

Audience: Ashes.

Stephen: No way. It's at least as good as the prepared French toast found in your grocer's freezer.

Aunt Jemima: Oh hell, no.

Stephen: A piece of regular, dry toast eaten in France?

Audience: Only if that toast was burnt, until all that remained were the ashes.

France: Au contraire!

Audience: And said burnt toast was made from Wonder Bread that took the slow boat over the Atlantic.

France: Le voilĂ .

Buffy: Cindy, you made the right decision to spare your readers from your stew/bread analogy, but since I had to listen to it, I feel entitled to ask if Love Stories are stewing and Science Fiction is baking, what is recapping?

Recapper: I'd like to say grilling, but to be fair it's just boiling shit down.

John: Well, leave the cooking to me, babe.

Recapper: Will do, because like the rest of the audience, I love you -- but see, that's one of the problems, too.

John: How so?

Recapper: Because you're becoming too good to be true. That's the taint spread.

John: You're going to need to explain that.

Recapper: I will, at the appropriate moments. Get to the story.

John: Fine. We open on a black-hooded figure plodding down the corridors of Ultra. I was hoping for the Grim Reaper or Darth Vader. Hoodie TKs a bunch of Ultra drones into walls, until someone manages to taser him. When that someone removes the interloper's hood, we see it's just Julian -- you know, the anarchist, nihilist SUPE criminal who first found Cara. We cut from his face to...

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