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Tomorrow Will Worry About Itself

After the other guests have left, Astrid and Stephen hang out in his room. Marla sure is permissive. Astrid says it was nice to meet the SUPES, but wonders why it happened, now. She allows that Cara's utter lack of poker face was a big clue that something is up. Eventually, Stephen admits he's going in search of his dad. He doesn't know how long he'll be gone. Astrid realizes this was a secret goodbye party. Stephen denies that. Astrid can tell he's scared and offers to go with him. Stephen says she can't go where he's going, but promises he will be back. And damn it, he's probably right about that, too.

We cut to Jed's. Morgan is sleeping next to him when he grabs his gun and gets out of bed. He covers her head with a pillow and says, "I'm so sorry, Morgan," then fires. Commercial.

At Ultra the next day, when Flounder asks Jed confirms the deed is done. Flounder wants psychic proof, so Jed tells him to "dig in." Inside Jed's head, Flounder watches the scene play out. After the mental probe, Flounder tells Jed that his patience for him only continues because of Stephen, who Flounder says they're grooming for their ultimate purpose. We cut to the...

Lair. Cara finds Morgan there, still alive. Morgan confirms she wasn't followed, and says Jed ensured there were no loose ends. Cara wants proof, so she takes Morgan's hand. Through Morgan's memory, she watches as Jed fakes Morgan's death, which is pretty damned funny, because Morgan's eyes were shut for all of it and even if they hadn't been, there was a pillow over her head. Cara admits Jed is an evil genius. As she starts off, Morgan asks what everyone is doing. Cara says they're killing Stephen. "Don't ask."

Russell is still not on board with this cockamamie plan. He reminds John that it might just end with him having killed two Chosen Ones. [Hey, I died twice. --Buffy] In my recaplet, I covered the end of the episode in some death, so I'm going to plagiarize myself (with some additions).

John reluctantly gets ready to kill Stephen by injecting intermittent doses of Phenobarbital, until the boy's heart stops. Before they begin, Stephen asks John to promise to watch over his brother and mother. John asks if that was the point of the pizza party. Stephen says he just doesn't want them to feel abandoned, like they did by Roger. John asks if Stephen expects him to tell them the truth about everything. Stephen says, "Whatever it takes to keep them safe."

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