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Tomorrow Will Worry About Itself

Whatever. Cara agrees with John and says Stephen merely had a vision; it's not real. Stephen says they're wrong. They need Roger, so they can all get to the refuge. "The whole reason you tracked me down is so that I could find him." Locking eyes with Cara, he adds, "So either you believe I'm the Chosen One or you don't." Pshaw. Buffy is the Chosen One, dumbass.

At home, Stephen asks Marla if he can have some friends over for dinner. She's surprised he means friends other than Astrid, but checks her fridge and it looks a lot like mine (hence our "cooking" Chinese, tonight). She also mentions that since Luca is at practice, "...if you want Romero's, tonight's your night." Oh, Marla, do you have that situation at your house, too? Even with just the three of you? There are five of us, and we cannot agree on a frigging pizza place to save our lives. Usually, we just go to the place I dislike, because it's fine with everyone else and I don't complain (except to you all, that is). Marla tells Stephen, "It's been a long time since you had... friends over." Oh, mom. Before Stephen takes off to get the pizza, Marla asks if he found anything in his Box o' Dad. Stephen lies, "No." Don't believe him, Marla. We jump to a...

Sidebar. Do you think there's any chance that Marla too is a Tomorrow Person? Think about it. Stephen has heightened powers (although, Roger did too). Maybe she tries to pass as a SAP to avoid detection and protect her sons. Maybe she even hoped to medicate the SUPE out of Stephen. I know it's not likely, but it keeps popping into my head. Now let's head on over to...

Jed's Place. Soon after he lets himself in, Morgan teleports in and they're off for some sexy fun time. We cut back to...

Stephen's Home. Stephen has the SUPES and Astrid over. I have done a complete 180 and am so glad to see Astrid. She's a breath of fresh air. Stephen rescues her from Russell's merciless flirting. As the two old friends talk alone, Stephen admits Russell, John and Cara aren't from Ultra. Rather they're the "psychic subway dwellers." Astrid recognizes Cara and is instantly attracted to John. Smirking, she tells Stephen our fair-haired Byronic hero is such a "...troll. I have no idea what [Cara] sees in him." Liar.

Stephen laughs. "Unbelievable. Thanks for that." Still staring at John, Astrid grins and says, "No problem." John flashes her a sexy smile and I immediately start 'shipping her with John. Let Stephen have Cara. After all, THEY'RE SO CONNECTED, YOU GUYS. Stephen is good natured when he tells Astrid she's had enough staring and should try some pizza, instead. Astrid denies staring (liar), takes a seat next to Cara, gets one look at her grim face and asks what's going on, since this sort of impromptu shindig is not like Stephen. Cara tells Astrid that Stephen said she was smart. She is, Cara. She's as smart as I expected you to be.

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