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Tomorrow Will Worry About Itself

After the break, we return to the lair's Nerve Center, where Stephen and Russell are still watching Crick's video of Roger's Thanatos trials. They're up to #347. Russell says, "No offenses, dude, but no wonder your dad went bonkers." Stephen asks TIM to fast-forward to the end. When the video resumes, Roger is tense about running out of time. Crick deadpans, "No you're not, Roger. There's always trial #458." I love him. Roger says they have to try the alternate method. Crick declares that to be "suicide," and we all know he's being hyperbolic in a way that's not.

Stephen TPs to Crick's cabin and finds the doctor in the middle of packing up to leave. Stephen asks where he's going. Crick sounds like Bilbo when he says, "Who of us knows where we are headed? That's the beauty of life. You can never see 'round the next bend." There's a little more talk about how the Tomorrow People are special, and that Roger and Stephen are the special-est snowflakes of all. Stephen wants to know what Roger's alternative approach was and asks Crick if it involved Roger dying first. Crick says that was an unprovable theory, since you can only try it once. Stephen says it worked. He tells Crick about his drowning experience.

Crick suggests that if it did work and Roger went to so much trouble to hide, perhaps he doesn't want to be found. Stephen asks why. Crick answers: "Stephen, there are things afoot that you couldn't possibly understand, my boy." As soon as the words pass his lips, my beloved Crick is gunned down. Let's pause for a moment of silence to mourn one of the three most interesting characters on this show (and hands-down most delightful). Stephen TPs out, just as the Ultra snipers burst into the cabin. They're followed by Flounder, who senses a SUPE was just there. If they have super pheromones, I'm gonna hurl.

At the lair, Stephen informs the SUPES about my beloved Crick's death. Cara says something about how Roger is dead, too. Russell is all, WHAT? He'd like an explanation, but he's not going to get one right now. Stephen says his experiments with John were never going to work. Limbo exists between life and death, so Stephen wants John to try to kill him. John is not on board. Stephen says Roger must have planned on John killing him, so that he could stop time at the moment of his death and reach Limbo.

John reminds Stephen that Jed ordered him to kill Roger. "There was no plan. Roger didn't know. I saw it on his face. I read it in his mind. I held his body in my hands." You really should have said, "arms" John. "...So trust me when I tell you your father is dead." I am starting to think Jed was in on this plan, but if so, why does he let John suffer the guilt?

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