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Tomorrow Will Worry About Itself

That night at home, Marla offers to cook Chinese food. Coincidentally (or maybe not) my husband and I are cooking Chinese tonight, too. Don't judge. I have a show tonight and three deadlines tomorrow between 8:00AM and noon. Marla apologizes for shutting Stephen down earlier. During their conversation, Stephen brings up Thanatos, then hears Marla wonder how he knows about it. He tells his mom he knows she's withholding the truth. "I just want to know more about dad."

After a time cut, Marla gives her son a box of Roger's research, but cautions him to be careful. She's afraid Stephen is headed for disappointment in this daddy quest. Stephen can't leave it alone. Mara says, "No, you can't, can you? You're a seeker, just like him." We cut to...

Ultra. Jed says he is sorry John escaped, but notes the SUPE was a formidable agent. Flounder remembers Jed's fondness for John, and asks if Jed has something to get off his chest. Eventually, Jed confesses the Morgan affair. Flounder cracks, "You're only human." Ha. He asks Jed who is going to tie up this loose end. Jed says he'll handle it. We cut to the...

Lair. Inside Stephen's Box o' Dad, he finds a framed photo of Roger and Crick. Hidden behind the photo is a 32 GB Micro SD card. Well, what would you call it? Stephen asks TIM to load it.

After a time cut, Stephen shows John, Cara and Russell a video made by Roger and Crick. It's of their Thanatos Project, trial #1. It's going to take more than an old video to convince John there's anything to Stephens' theory that Roger made it to Limbo. Cara asks John when he became so cynical. Oh, I don't know, Cara. Probably around the time he wound up in a foster home, headed by a violent drunk who was just after his wards' stipends. If not, then definitely by the time his father-figure Jed manipulated him into killing his other father-figure, Roger. Oh, you don't know about that, but you will, presently. That's why John's pulling you aside to talk. As the couple walks out, Russell asks Stephen, "What's up with them?" Despite what your closed captions tell you, Stephen replies, "Lots," not "thoughts."

Alone with Cara, John tells her they're not going to find Roger. Cara demands to know how he knows that. John says, "Because I killed him." Cara backs away, and repeats the litany of John's sins, then says, "The only thing I ever asked you for was honesty." John asks how she was honest with him about what happened with Stephen. Actually, John, I've been ticked at Cara a lot lately, but she came clean, fairly quickly. Oh, but now I have to stop sticking up for her, because she says exactly the wrong thing. "It happened because I could never be with you -- not all the way." I mean, sure, you might have felt shut out. I get that. And that may be why you turned to Stephen, because I do understand that you're SO CONNECTED, YOU GUYS. But, you don't get to blame John for your choices. If the situation were reversed, I'd say the same thing to John, Cara. Instead of shutting up, Cara piles on. "Now I know why. All along, you've been hiding yourself from me, John." Ouch. Commercial.

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