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Death’s Door

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Tomorrow Will Worry About Itself

Stephen TPs Jed to Montauk Point. Russell arrives, confirms the coast is clear of Ultra agents. Next, Cara TPs Morgan to the spot. Jed wants the SUPES to keep Morgan with them. Morgan, Russell and Cara all hate this idea. Stephen tells Cara to hear Jed out. Jed says since John escaped, Flounder is going to be all over him. He doesn't want to be able to give up Morgan's location. Stephen and Jed finally convince the reluctant Tomorrow People. We cut to the...

Lair. Stephen and John are trying to reach Limbo. Well, Stephen is trying. John is going along with it, but that doesn't stop him from grumbling. As John teleports them short distances within the lair, Stephen attempts to stop time. The guys bicker until Russell and Cara walk in. Russell says, "It can't be done. It's like farting and sneezing at the same time. It's scientifically impossible." Okay, gentle readers. Since sneezes are an automatic response, you cannot try that at home at least until a sneeze is upon you, so stop thinking about it, right now.

Russell wanders wherever, while Stephen sets off in search of a drink. Cara asks John if he's okay. He doesn't want to talk about his experience at Ultra. He'd rather try to forget. She wonders why Flounder is bent on destroying SUPES since he is a SUPE. Stephen returns and declares the break over. Cara tells John, "You don't have to do this." John says, "Actually, I do." Grim-faced, Cara leaves.

John tells Stephen that Cara is going to find out he killed Roger. He wants to tell her the truth. Stephen's original stance was that it was John's place to tell Cara. Now he doesn't want Cara to know, at all. John says since Cara and Stephen are SO CONNECTED, YOU GUYS, she's going to figure it out. He'd rather she find out directly from him, than by reading Stephen's mind. Stephen completely ignores John's point and says, "You know that would do to her. And to you. It's not worth it. Besides, my dad's not dead." John says even if Stephen's right, he tried to kill Roger, and he covered it up. "This whole time I've been living a lie." Stephen doesn't care. Instead he makes John practice again.

Sidebar: My experiment/game failed. I didn't think about the time of day I was trying it. My kids started coming home during the middle of the episode, so it took me more than an hour to watch straight through, even though I can fast-forward through commercials. And since they're all home now, I'm less than halfway through the episode, yet my hour of writing is up. There's no way I can submit this as is and then bill TWoP for it in good conscience, so I concede defeat. Damn you, TTP. I will get you, next time. The recap continues… now.

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