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Tomorrow Will Worry About Itself

Ultra. As Stephen did, earlier, Jed asks the guards for a private moment with their prisoner. John assumes Jed is there to play good cop (to the non-present Flounder's bad). Jed says he already knows John won't give up the Tomorrow People. He's there to say goodbye. He kisses John on the temple. "Goodbye, son." John spits in his face. The first time I saw this, I immediately knew there was more to this scene, but I'll just let it breathe for now. Jed wipes his face, smiles a wan smile and says, "True to the end."

Jed summons Stephen to his office and shows him footage of when Stephen "removed" Cara's powers. He shows Stephen how the vial of de-SUPE serum changes from yellow to clear, and knows Stephen must have stopped time and switched out the serum for something like saline. "Cara, John. You seem to have a soft spot for the Tomorrow People." So many jokes. So little time. Stephen lies that he's not helping the Tomorrow People, just Cara. Jed guesses Stephen is in love with her. When Stephen admits he was stupid, Jed says in this case, his treachery is pardonable. Jed also admits his attachment to SUPE Morgan. Stephen manages to act surprised. Jed tells Stephen the Tomorrow People are threatening to kill her unless he sets John free. Jed says while he can't, Stephen can.

Stephen enters John's holding cell. This time, he doesn't ask the guards to leave. He announces he's there to deliver John's last meal. John tells Stephen, "Sorry about the jaw." While Stephen is still all, "What jaw?" John pops him in the face. Was it satisfying, John? I hope it was satisfying. John pushes Stephen at one guard, while he attacks the other and disarms him. John then takes Stephen "hostage." Stephen TTs: You could have warned me. John TTs back: I said I was sorry. Stephen: How did you get out of the cuffs? We flash back to that moment I was letting breathe. As Jed said his goodbye to John, he slipped him a key and whispered for John to wait for Stephen.

Back in the present, Stephen points out the D-chips to John, as they run down the corridor. Once they're surrounded by agents, John tells them to back off or the boss's nephew (Stephen) dies. One agent says, "Your kind can't kill." John says, "Want to bet?" then fires and hits the agent. Jed comes down the hall and orders everyone to hold their fire. He then pretends to talk John down, by pointing his powers won't work in there. He asks John to let Stephen go. Whispering, Stephen alerts John to the location of the D-chips. John shoots them out, releases Stephen and teleports away. Commercial.

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