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Tomorrow Will Worry About Itself

That night, Jed arrives home. He's looking at his home copy of the Montauk picture, when Cara teleports in. She informs him the SUPES have Morgan, but she's safe. Jed asks how he can know Cara isn't bluffing. She takes his hand, says she'll show him, and then shares a visual of a blindfolded, suppression-cuffed Morgan tied to a chair. Jed asks Cara what she wants. Cara says, "Give me back the thing I love and I might just return the favor." The thing, Cara? The thing. Ugh.

At Ultra, Stephen enters John's holding room. He asks the guards to give them a moment alone. Stephen wants to know why John killed Roger. John says Jedikiah said Roger had gone "off the reservation," (that's a quote, so shape up, writers) and was a danger to them all. He then tells the whole story of planting the bomb, waiting, watching Roger teleport out of the car and then eventually shooting him. "I didn't want to, Stephen." Stephen can't get over the fact that John has been lying to the SUPES for years. John says if he could, he would take it all back. Stephen: "Well, you can't. You're a fraud, John."

John says now Stephen can go back and tell Cara and everyone else the truth. Stephen says it's not his job to tell Cara that John lied. "That would be too easy. For now, we're going to forget the fact that you tried to kill my father." Someone get Emma Swan on the horn and tell her if Peter Pan is still after the heart of the truest believer, Stephen might just be a better candidate than Henry. I'm mocking Stephen for being the truest believer, but that doesn't mean he's wrong. In fact, I'm mocking him so that I can forget how annoyed I am that he's going to be proven right. True to form, Stephen tells John that Thanatos is real and Roger is alive. "I'm sure of it. Now, I'm going to get you the hell out of here." Title card.

Yay! Stephen's mom, Marla, is in this episode. I'm trying not to hold the maddening dialogue against her. First she asks Stephen what is on his mind. When he's not forthcoming, she says she can feel him trying to work up the courage to ask him something. "Is it about your dad?" When Stephen says it is, she turns on a dime and says, "Then please don't." What kind of parenting is that? Stephen says he needs to find his father. Marla doesn't want the chaos back in their lives. He asks if dad ever mentioned the "Thanatos Project." Marla shuts down the whole subject. The three of them are better off -- safer off -- without Roger. We cut to...

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