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Tomorrow Will Worry About Itself

As Stephen walks down the Ultra corridor, Cara tele-talks (TTs) to him and asks what's wrong. When Stephen doesn't want to say, Cara says whatever he just felt, she felt too, because THEY ARE SO CONNECTED, YOU GUYS! Stephen does not tell Cara that John killed Roger. Instead, he says they've must free John from Ultra, before Flounder kills him.

Back at the lair, Russell is wary of Cara's idea. She wants to find Jed's SUPE Squeez, Morgan. TIM backs up Russell by citing their location success rate, which at 22% and change is only slightly higher than Congress's approval rating. Cara doesn't like listening to facts and reason, so she intends to kidnap Morgan and offer her to Jed, in exchange for John. Since TIM and Russell know this idea is delusional, Cara TTs to her private cheerleader. We cut to...

Ultra. Stephen is searching Jed's dark office for some clue of where Morgan might be, when Cara barges into his head. He finds a photo of Jed and Morgan, takes a picture of it and sends it to TIM. Back at the lair, Jed and Morgan's picture appears on the screen. Russell says, "Oh, God. He's even creepier when he's happy," which, of course is Mark Pellegrino's gift. Cara asks TIM to scan the picture and pinpoint the location where it was shot. TIM identifies the site as Montauk Point.

Russell and Cara teleport (TP) to Montauk Point. Cara can sense Morgan. They track her to a cottage. Once inside, Russell calls out, "Hello, Morgan. Anybody home?" When Cara shoots him a dirty look, Russell says, "What? She's psychic. She already knows we're here." Cara TTs to Morgan and lies that Jed sent them to check on her. She also says, "We're like you, Morgan." Morgan TPs into the kitchen and asks Cara and Russell how she can know they're not agents. Then the script insists that Russell play the fool. Morgan overhears him thinking, "Just gotta get these cuffs on her." Really, Show? Russell started out a smooth, snarky criminal. Why degrade one of your cooler characters.

Since Morgan already has experience with the power-suppression cuffs, she TPs out of the cottage. Cara follows. Outside, after a big super-powered, cliffside chick fight, Cara finally manages to subdue Morgan long enough for Russell to cuff her. When Cara comments that Morgan is feisty, Russell smirks. "I guess Jedikiah has a type." Russell, one instance does not a type make. Don't force the snark.

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