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Tomorrow Will Worry About Itself
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As I did with the recaplet, I'm trying a different approach to this weecap. The Tomorrow People is not built to withstand the sort of scrutiny to which I usually subject my shows. Treating it the way I treated something like Lost feels akin to expecting a toddler to behave like a ten year old. Not to mention, it's sucking out all the fun. So here's the deal: I'm playing a little game against myself and the clock. I'm starting this weecap on December 12, 2013 at 2:00 PM. I am going to watch the episode through, and try to pause as little as possible (e.g. if there's a line worth quoting verbatim). For this weecap's base, I'm using the notes I took during the original broadcast, most of which ended up as-is, in my recaplet. After I'm done watching, I'm giving myself an hour to expand on my notes until they approximate a weecap. When that time is up, I will only proof it and send it to Editorial. You ready? Okay!

After sitting through the opening narration about the premise and then the "Previouslies," we open at Ultra. In a holding cell, the Founder questions John. I can't keep calling this guy The Founder or even just Founder. The show's failure to incorporate character names into the dialogue was already bugging me. Now this guy doesn't even have a real name. I hate floundering for something to call these... oh, wait. That's it! Founder, I hereby dub thee Flounder.

Flounder says if John gives up the free Tomorrow People, they'll kill him quickly. John laughs, so Flounder telekinetically (TK) tortures him. It seems that the room is neither lined with Unobtainium nor equipped with D-chips, or that Flounder is ultra-powerful. At some point, Flounder frees John and allows him to fight back, but only so he can TK-stop John's fist mid-air. "I broke out before you were born, boy." I wonder if Flounder can TK-twirl is his mustache. Stephen busts in to stop the torture. Flounder says that like Roger before him, Stephen's compassion is misplaced. He then urges John to confess what he did to Roger. Stephen realizes Flounder is implying that John was behind Roger's death. Stephen calls Flounder a liar. Huh. I thought Stephen picked up John's memory of Roger's death at the end of last week. I guess the scene should have been less ambiguous I was wrong. Eventually, John says, "Sorry, Stephen." Stephen storms out, as you do when your hero -- who's girl you banged -- turns out to be your personal, super-powered Inigo Montoya.

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