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Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE!

Cara: SUPE Twin catches up with me at a bar. He wants his briefcase full of cash. I'm not sure they earned it, since they didn't finish the job, i.e. kill Jed. SUPE starts whining about how his brother died. I slide the case toward him and he leaves without even thanking me. Respect my authoritah!

Recapper: John?

John: Sorry, I was prepping the salad. After SUPE leaves the bar, I confront Cara about hiring a contract killer to do our dirty work. I tell her while I admire her resolve, she has gone too far. Listen to yourself, Cara.

Cara: SUPE asked me if there was anyone in my life for whom I'd sacrifice anything. It's you, John. You're my family. Come back with me.

John: And be your on-call assassin. No thanks.

Cara: No. I miss you.

John: I'm outta here.

Cara: Respect my authoritah!

Stephen: Back at home, my mother is waiting up for me. She asks if everything is okay. I lie that it is… for now. John told her what I've been up to at Ultra. Mom confesses that resented my dad for choosing the fight over our family and now thinks she was wrong. I tell her everything I'm doing is for our family. She tells me I'm a born leader, like my "pain in the ass father." We can stay and I can keep working at Ultra. She just still needs to provide the semblance of a normal life for Luca and me. Now that she knows how much danger I'm in, she won't be able to rest until she knows I'm safe.

Audience: Well, the antipsychotics she was feeding you should be well out of your system.

Jed: Back at Ultra, I go to a secret basement room, where I'm keeping Roger's body on ice and talk to him about the day's event. He's strangely silent for a corpse. I tell him I'm sorry that he and I are going to have to put our plans on hold, again. Then I wipe the glass top of his cryogenic crypt and tell him Stephen is a "sharp kid" who is looking for him. Roger, you'd tell me if he tried to contact you, wouldn't you?

Roger: *Remains dead*

Jed: You know what happens, when we keep secrets from each other. Okay. Anyway. Goodnight, little brother.

Roger: *Remains dead*

John: And that's it. I've gotta put my bread in the oven. See you next week.

Audience: You can stay.

We'll be back with coverage of "Enemy of My Enemy." In the meantime, please grade the episode at the top of the page, and then come on over to the show thread where John's making us fat and happy.

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