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Brother’s Keeper

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Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE!

Cara: *Blinks*

Stephen: Back at Ultra, I call Jed out on this deadly transfer protocol. Right after I tell Jed that SUPE twin has likely fled the country, Cara tele-tells me that he's ready to turn himself in. SUPE teleports into the building, which probably shouldn't be possible.

Jed: Take him to the lab and prep him for the procedure.

Recapper: Hey, I thought John was going to wrap this thing up.

John: Sorry, I needed to get stir the sauce, so it wouldn't stick. I'm back now. Stephen tries to talk SAP down, explaining the procedure will kill his brother, even if it works -- which it never has. SAP says it's easy for Stephen to moralize about the powers not being worth it, because he doesn't know what it's like to be born without them.

Recapper: Which is nonsense, because all the SUPES are born without them. They live as humans until they break out. The writers aren't even watching their own damned show.

John: Shh, Cindy. Go check stir the sauce, while I finish this up.

Recapper: Right. Thanks, John.

John: Before he teleported into Ultra, Cara armed SUPE twin my gun. When SUPE gets to SAP, he asks Jed's permission to say goodbye to his brother. As they hug, SUPE whispers, "Waistband," into SAP's ear. SAP grabs the gun and starts shooting the place up. Stephen rushes in and tele-throws SAP to the floor and saves Jed's life in the doing. SUPE tele-throws Stephen, Jed and others around. SUPE is ready to teleport SAP out, but SAP can't resist the urge to kill Jed first. Stephen and SUPE try to talk down SAP, but he won't listen to reason. Stephen tele-slides a tranq-gun to Hillary, who shoots SAP in the neck. When he drops Jed, an Ultra Agent opens fire and kills SAP. SUPE is devastated, but his sorrow is nothing next to Jed's, because SCIENCE! When the agent then goes to shoot SUPE, he teleports away. Jed blubbers about letting him get away.

Sponsors: Pssst.

John: Back in his office, Jed is grateful to Stephen for saving his life. He also asks after Astrid, but Stephen wants to know why Jed got so upset over the Wonder Twins. Jed claims it's the loss of two so special subjects, but Stephen figures Jed -- as the SAP brother of a SUPE -- has issues.

Audience: Ya think?

John: Stephen brings up the subject of Roger's corpse. He doesn't believe Jed had it cremated, when he could have studied it. Jed says, "He was my brother, not a lab rat. I shouldn't have to explain those feelings to you.

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