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Brother’s Keeper

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Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE!

Stephen: So, how do we cover the rest of it?

Recapper: As quickly as possible.

Cara: Allow me.

Audience: Oh God, really?

Recapper: Yeah. No. Someone fill in John, so that he can sum up the rest of it.

Russell: Done.

John: Okay, so here's what happens. Nathan is the SAP twin and Cyrus is the SUPE twin.

Recapper: Faster. No names.

John: I can do that. That will give me more time to work on the lasagna I'm making you, for supper. So, Ultra has the SAP twin. Cara has the SUPE. Jed is super stoked when Stephen tells him their SAP has a SUPE twin. Meanwhile, back at the lair, Cara decides the SUPE twin is harmless. He, the higher being, is being manipulated by his SAP brother, so SUPE twin is blameless. You don't agree, right?

Audience: Absolutely not.

SUPE Twin: But we just used the money to buy a house in Connecticut. It's nice. We have two washers and dryers.

Audience: That's not even a thing, when only two people live in a house. Two hot tubs? Sure. An indoor pool and an outdoor pool. Great. Two washers and dryers?

Script: *Shrugs*

John: So anyhow, Jed manipulates the SAP twin, with talk about how he's not his brother's equal, but then says he can change all that. First, he'd need a donor -- SUPE twin. Cara refuses to let Stephen take in SUPE twin and admits to peeking into his (Stephen's) mind. He tells her the lair is falling apart without me. I'm kind of taking a shine to this kid. Back at his house, he tells me how many mistakes Cara is making. I defend her though, because Jed is actually going to use the Wonder Twins as guinea pigs. Power transplants are Jed's Holy Grail. He's not yet succeeded. There's all this bullshit about stem cell harvesting. Every time Jed has tried, the SUPE has died in pain.

Recapper: Back at the lair, Russell is talking to SUPE twin, when SUPE picks up his brother's telepathic cry for help. Yeah, that's right. A SAP, who is in Ultra, which is mostly lined with Unobtainium, is able to psychically call out to his SUPE twin. You'll remember that SUPE Cara -- who shares an extreme psychic bond with Stephen -- had to be right outside the Ultra building, to contact Stephen when he was inside it. These people don't watch their own g.d. show.

SUPE Twin: When I hear my brother's plea for help, I panic. Cara tells me this is a trap and that my brother has been using me for years. He's my family, Cara. You must have someone in your life you'd sacrifice everything for.

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