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Brother’s Keeper

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Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE!

Hillary: Back in the present, I'm at Ultra working over some other Russian guy. I guess he's the one who ordered the hit on nameless. Eventually, he gives me a phone number where I can reach the perp.

Cara: Meanwhile, Russell and I ride the subway and I send out telepathic messages that we have the briefcase and mean its owner no harm. Who's not going to look for their lost million bucks?

Stephen: Early in the morning, Hillary teleports into my freaking bedroom, then berates me for not wearing pajamas.

Hillary: An Ultra agent is always prepared to dispatch at a moment's notice.

Audience: We hate to stick up for Stephen, but sleeping in PJs instead of boxers would speed that up how, exactly?

Hillary: Guys, I'm just reading what's written for me. Don't hate. I tell Stephen I have the hit man's phone number. Stephen is going to work undercover and "hire" this guy to off someone, so we can bring him in, so I toss him my phone and tell him the number is under "H" for hit man.

Stephen: Let me grab my "P" for...

Audience: !!!

Stephen: ...pants.

Audience: Whew.

Stephen: I meet up with the hit man. And, you guys don't care about this conversation right?

Audience: Right.

Stephen: Great. When I'm going for what is probably a suppression cuff, the hit man thinks I'm going for a gun, so he pulls his. It goes off. We struggle. Hillary jumps in and brains the guy with a vase or something. I knock him out. Hillary slaps the suppression cuff on him. We bring him into Ultra and I tele-tell Cara, "Sorry. It's over."

Cara: But back on the subway, Russell and I are just making contact with the perp. How can this be?

Sponsors: Another word.

Stephen: After the break, I invite Cara to see what I'm seeing, which I guess is a thing.

Audience: Wasn't that only a thing between Cassandra and Stephen?

Recapper: I've stopped keeping track of the limits to their powers, because the rule is, there are no rules.

Cara: How can there be two perps who look exactly alike? What kind of genetic mutation are we dealing with here?

Stephen: Twins. Duh.

Magical Voting Candles: Perhaps we should ready ourselves for a special election?

Recapper: Well yeah, but no. Cara and Twin 1 exchange some mild snark. Russell slaps a suppression cuff on him and we cut back to Ultra, where Jed comes out and tells Hillary and Stephen that their perp is human, which is how he was able to kill. I'd be fine with this were these not identical twins and were Tomorrow-People-ism not a genetic mutation. The thing is identical twins have identical DNA. They have all the same genes, show. How do I know these twins are identical? Well, because they're both played by James Landry H├ębert. And this is where I stopped watching. I mean I didn't truly stop watching, because this is my job, but I disengaged myself from the rest of this episode further than even I thought possible.

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Tomorrow People




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