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Brother’s Keeper

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Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE!

Audience: Why would the perp not just teleport away? After all, he teleported to the room where Russell found him?

Script: *Crickets*

Stephen: I get to Russell just after Cara does and the perp finally teleports away, without his briefcase. I go to take it, but Cara tells me, "Not this time," and then she and Russell teleport away. Man. I liked her?

Sponsors: We know what you like.

Audience: We consider fast-forwarding through the show and only watching the commercials, except that would probably extend the life of this show.

Russell: Back at the lair, I open the case to find it's full of money. *Quirky lines*

Cara: It's bait.

Luca: At home, mom says she'll throw together dinner, but John's already hooked us up.

Audience: He can cook, too!

John: I guess you guys don't get a lot of proper family dinners.

Marla: Well, it's hard to work overtime, drug your over-sized manchild and still find time for the culinary arts.

John: Oh no! I just remembered I murdered your husband and put you in this predicament. I'm going to be really nice to you as I blow smoke up your ass about your son. He's spying on Ultra, because they hunt the Tomorrow People.

Marla: What?

John: Stephen helps us stay one step ahead of Jed and his lunatic partner. That we're even surviving is pretty much thanks to Stephen. He's a hero.

Audience: Now that's some smoke up the ass.

Recapper: What I will never get about this show is why the Tomorrow People stay in NYC, home of Ultra's headquarters. Why not teleport to some remote, warm, sunny, place and stay on the down low?

Premise: *Whistles*

Marla: My boy is just like his father.

John: Roger was very important to me, so I killed him I know how much Stephen takes after him. Carrying the world on his shoulders. Doing the right thing. Paying the cost.

Marla: I pay the cost.

John: So does Stephen.

Recapper: Enough with the Stephen propping. The point is, John is working Marla to let Stephen stay in NYC and help the Tomorrow People. Marla has a flashback to some winter a few years ago -- let's say 6 or 8. She is sitting on a park bench, watching younger Stephen and Luca play in the snow, when Roger teleports on the scene. It's been four years since he's last seen his boys. Roger's timeline is another thing that confuses me. Anyhow, he loves and misses his family, but he has to do whatever it is he's doing. Marla is not impressed. Neither am I. Still, Roger makes a point of telling Marla this is their last goodbye and that he loves her.

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Tomorrow People




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