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Brother’s Keeper

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Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE!

Audience: But you watched them leave!

Cara: Respect my authoritah!

Audience: You can't order us around. We don't even live in the lair.

Russell: So a SUPE was responsible for this murder? How?

Cara: Evolution?

Russell: A Day-After Tomorrow Person. Tomorrow Person 2.0. *Quirky lines* *Zippy comebacks* *Witty repartee* *Dig about John dumpster diving for lunch* *Lather* *Rinse* *Repeat*

Cara: Respect my authoritah.

John: Mrs. Stephen's Mother makes me a yummy sandwich, but there's no such thing as a free lunch, so I do have to talk to Stephen. He wants to know if anyone besides Killian and me survived the Annex Project or if the project continued after. With only Jed's word to go on, it's a mystery.

Stephen: At Ultra, I have to work with Hillary, again. She's using our magical computer system to try and identify an energy outlay that indicates teleportation, but is having no luck. I tell her to change her search parameters. Oh wow -- this is bad, isn't it? I didn't realize how bad it was until just this second. Even I can't go on.

Recapper: You have to. I have a kid going to college in the fall.

Stephen: Fine, I do a computer magic thing that shows our breakout is using twice as much energy to teleport as is necessary.

Audience: And we figure out the whole plot right here -- fifteen minutes in.

Audience: Actually, some of us figured it out as soon as the Wonder Twins teleported into the hotel room and killed nameless.

Nameless Witness: My name is Alexi.

Recapper: You're dead and this is sci-fi, not fantasy, so you need to just stay dead.

Alexi: But Thanatos!

Recapper: Shut it. Next scene!

Hillary: Stephen and I go to the location of the energy thing. I respect you too much to even try to word that in a serious way, because it's all bullshit. Bottom line, we're at a sleazy club.

Stephen: When we split up, I run right into Cara and Russell.

Russell: *Ogles Hillary* *Quirky Line*

Stephen: If I stay in line, Jed will keep my family safe so I'm bringing this murderer in.

Cara: You have family to protect. I have magical voting candles to protect. I mean a species.

Audience: But Cara, you're always willing to turn the bad guys over to Ultra. Why the sudden change?

Cara: Respect my authoritah.

Recapper: After Stephen heads off to find Hillary, Cara identifies the perp. She and Russell go after him (in separate directions). Cara says something about heading him off, but action-wise the scene makes little sense. Anyhow, Russell gets there first and the two supes fight.

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Tomorrow People




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