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Brother’s Keeper

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Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE!

Jed: You have my word.

Audience: Bwa hahahahahaha.

Recapper: Meanwhile, a nameless cop is keeping a nameless witness safe until he can testify against someone else we know nothing about.

Wonder Twins: We disable the guards outside the hotel room, tele-lock the cop in the bathroom and then kill the nameless witness.

Nameless Witness: My name is Alexi. One of you just said it.

Wonder Twins: Die now.

Stephen: At the lair, I tell Cara and Russell about the kill squad, and give Cara hell for kicking out John. More than ever, we need to have each other's backs.

Cara: Respect my authoritah, John did not.

Yoda: I could have said it better not, myself. Hmmmm.

Cartman: What?

Recapper: I don't know. Just go with it.

Russell: The important thing to note here is that I so did not go along with kicking out John.

Cara: Respect my authoritah!

Stephen: I find John. He's soused, so I bring him home to my house.

Marla: Are you unclear about how we're going on the run?

Stephen: John is one of us and has nowhere else to go, Mom. Besides, since you screwed with my mind for a year, you're no longer the boss of me.

Audience: Sheeesh, Marla. Why did you have to cede the high ground to your manchild like that?

Stephen: I protect this family and have for months. I need a little more time. I'm getting close to something big -- Dad.

Marla: He's not coming back. It's just us. John can stay tonight, but tomorrow, we are leaving.

John: Thank goodness I'm too drunk to care about any of this.

Sponsors: A word.

Jed: I take Stephen and Hillary to a motel room. Not like that. It's the scene of nameless witness's murder.

Recapper: Is her name Hillary?

Jed: Cindy, if you don't even care enough to look it up, why would I? To be fair to your readers, by "Hillary" I mean Stephen's competitive co-trainee.

Alexa Vega: They mean me, and yes, my character's name is Hillary.

Jed: Let's cut to the chase. It's clear to the three of us that this murder was committed by a rogue SUPE.

Recapper: Great. Next scene!

Cara: From across the street, I watch Jed, Stephen and Hillary exit the hotel, the teleport back to the lair.

Russell: What's going on?

Cara: I couldn't get close. Stephen and his Ultra gal pal were crowding the scene.

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Tomorrow People




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