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Previously on The Tomorrow People: Cara kicked John out of the lair; Stephen quit Ultra; the Founder (Flounder) used Stephen to bring in Cassandra, but then double-crossed him and sent a kill squad after Astrid. Fortunately, Marla was on the scene and is a secret SUPE, so she stopped all the bullets in mid-air.

Now: NYPD arrives on the scene of Astrid's family's shot-up cafe.

Cop: That's a lot of bullets for no bodies.

Stephen: When I arrive home, my mother is digging our passports out of a secret compartment in the kitchen. When I report that I got Astrid and her dad to the bus station and that they understand the need to use only cash, she tells me to pack the essentials for myself and Luca. Are we spelling it Luca this week?

Recapper: Why the hell not?

Stephen: Good. So anyhow, I tell my mother we have to talk.

Marla: And I agree -- but first we have to run. When Stephen asks, I tell him Jed doesn't know about my powers. Then he starts laying a guilt trip on me about how I...

Audience: Drugged him with antipsychotic agents for probably a year.

Marla: Would you believe I was trying to keep him safe?

Door: Knock knock.

Jed: I barge in with two armed agents. I'm oozing concern about Stephen.

Stephen: I tele-talk my mother into giving me five minutes with Jed.

Jed: Flounder ordered that hit. I'll offer you a clean slate if you do the same for me.

Stephen: You ordered my father's death!

Jed: Take my hand and I'll tele-show you the truth about what I did and why.

Recapper: In a flashback between Jed and Roger, we learn precisely nothing of the kind.

Jed: Well, we learn that I trusted Flounder to help my species, but Roger insists Flounder is only after power and wants to fight him. I remind him Flounder is too strong, and Roger has a wife and kids to worry about. If he insists on going after Flounder, Flounder is going to make me go after Roger.

Audience: Yeah, but you have the ability to kill and access to Flounder, so it makes little sense that you'd go after your own brother. We're not buying this no-other-choice crap.

Stephen: But back in the present, I guess I am buying it. I don't know. I'm not sure anyone does. I tell Jed that my mother wants us to run, but Jed tells me that will make things worse. He invites me back into Ultra, with the promise that he'll protect my home, my friends and my family.

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