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Astrid is just crossing the street when she gets a text from Stephen: "Running late. Meet you there? xo Stephen." Oh, the thot plickens. Apparently the street she's crossing is Stephen's street. She sees Jed escort him outside and into the Ultra SUV. Curiosity piqued, Astrid hails a cab and gives chase. Raise your hand if, in high school, you generally had enough cash in hand to hail a New York City cab, on the spur of the moment. Bueller?

Back at the club, SUPES be dancing and drinking. John decides he needs to keep an eye on Russell. Cara realizes Irene needs the old hairy eyeball, too. Upstairs in another bar, Russell brags to Red Dress that he can make an olive float. When his TK powers fail him, he blames liquor. Red Dress saunters off, seemingly in disgust. John's grin is wry as he approaches.

The Ultra SUV pulls up to what looks like a warehouse. The driver, Uncle Jed, and Stephen get out. Stephen wonders if he's in for another brain scan and asks if Jed trusts him. His uncle says he does. "I've done everything in my power to protect you. Unfortunately, my colleague still has misgivings about you." As the men enter a warehouse, we see Astrid peeking from behind a gate.

Back inside, Jed says his colleague, "doesn't want to repeat the mistake he made with your father." Stephen insists he's his own man. "I've given Ultra no reason to question my loyalty." Jed corrects him. "Fidelity, Stephen. Loyalty is something a dog offers. It's based on an emotion, like love. Fidelity, on the other hand, is based on a moral obligation, a sense of duty. This is what we will examine, tonight." Jed knocks on a door. Darcy opens it. behind her is a red velvet curtain, and in front of it, a wine rack. When Jed asks, Darcy confirms that the room is secure. "The civilians have been cleared." Jed: "And our containment system?" Darcy: "It's up and running." Jed tells Stephen he stuck his neck out for him. "Don't make me regret it." We cut...

Outside. Astrid approaches the warehouse and then enters. Darcy opens the inner door Stephen and Jed just passed through, and asks the girl what she's doing there. Astrid claims she was invited. Darcy says, "No you weren't." Astrid says, "Well, my friend is in there, so..." When Darcy asks who Astrid's friend is, Astrid hears walkie-talkie chatter, loses her nerve, tells Darcy to never mind, and walks out. Oh girl, don't feel too bad. You get on my nerves, but you're wearing that pink and white dress every bit as much as John is wearing his suit.

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