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Stephen realizes Mr. Big is a SUPE and asks why he's hunting down his own kind. Mr. Big answers, "It's simple. Someday this war between our species is going to end. And when it does, I'd like to be on the side that's still standing. Wouldn't you?" Stephen asks Mr. Big what he wants from him. Big tells Stephen his abilities are powerful, and dangerous, just like his father's. Stephen asks, "Is that why you had him killed?" Big: "His death was unfortunate. It could have been avoided. And that's why I've brought you here -- to see how alike you are. So show me what it is you're hiding from your uncle, and from your new friends." Big starts to probe Stephen's mind. Stephen resists. It's all very Frodo and the ring, when he's near the Nazgûl. We cut back to the...

Lair. Cara is sporting copious cleavage, oh and I think a dress -- possibly blue. She's also wearing so much eye shadow that I fear her lids will fall off. When you've got eyes like Peyton List's, you don't gunk them up with that much camouflage. She's brought a suit for John, but he says he's not going. they start to bicker but then he gets an eyeful of her décolleté, and has to collect himself.

Once collected, John reminds her that in the past month he's been shot, she's been captured, and they've had more Ultra run-ins than they have in the last two years. He expects her to support him, but instead, she undermines him. She says she does support him, but there's a difference between support and obedience. "When I was being held down, afraid my powers were going to be stripped, I thought about how we've spent the last two years. Hiding. Living in fear." John sums that up as "surviving." Cara says it isn't enough, anymore. "And you're right, maybe it is Stephen's fault, but I didn't challenge you for him, or for Russell, or for anyone else. I did it for us. Do you remember what you said to me when we first got together, that it would be impossible?" She asks if they (as a couple) only exist(s) down there in the dark and wonders how they can survive like this. John tells her they'll find a way. "I'll find a way." Cara and her cleavage close in on him. "Come with me. One night. Let's try and pretend to be a normal couple." John's voice is but a whisper. "We're not." Cara's eyelids succumb to the weight of her cosmetics, or maybe she just narrows them in anger. "Your call. Have fun guarding an empty subway station." Commercial.

Sidebar. I think they're both wrong, here. That is, I think John is right, that right now isn't the time for a huge, public, full group outing. I also think Cara is right. There's no point surviving if you can't have a real life. And by that, I'm not talking about partying. I'm just talking about normal moments. Of course, this leaves me wondering why they remain in NYC, right under Ultra's nose. Shouldn't they spread out to more remote places, blend with the general population, keep their eyes open for breakouts, and balance safety with sanity inducing activity. Genetically, they might not be normal, or humans, but they were raised in the human world, by humans, and they seem to have the same social needs as SAPS. They certainly were socialized by the SAP world. Of course, what I'm suggesting would be an impossible show to write, act, direct, or film. But that's the thing -- here's where the premise is strained. Okay, the show's back on, now.

Impromptu second sidebar. There was just a promo for The Vampire Diaries. Now I'm making up some new show in my head, starring Ian Somerhalder and Peyton List. Call it whatever you want. I'd just be there for the pretty.

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