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When we return, it's day. Stephen and Astrid are somewhere. I guess it must be her family's home, and wow, it's lovely. She's making him sit through a fashion show of dresses she might wear to the dance. While she's got him in an awkward unfamiliar situation (dress picking) she takes advantage of it, and asks him to explain what happened on the train tracks with Emily. He lies that he doesn't know what she's talking about. She insists she was there and he was, too. Her only question is how he disappeared. Stephen deflects the question, by giving her current dress the thumbs down. She praises his honesty in fashion, and asks him to come clean about the other issue. Then she appears in a truly sweet, pink and white party dress, with spaghetti straps. It does wonders for Astrid and she returns the favor. Stephen is wowed, but when he says, "Wow," Astrid tells him not to "smoke screen" her, and says he's not off the hook. As she goes to change one final time, Jed calls and orders Stephen to meet him uptown. "Tell your friend something came up." I think that already happened when she waltzed out in that pink and white number, but what do I know about these things?

At the lair, Russell and Cara rally the SUPES to shop(lift) for the party. The rules are simple: blend in, what you take you return (unless it's "dope" adds Kurt), and do not get caught. The SUPES teleport off on their petty crime spree.

Meanwhile, Stephen has a black bag over his head. Jed who has a tight grip on the boy's upper arm, leads him toward the real Ultra HQ, and removes the bag. Stephen asks if the person who wants to see him is Jed's boss. Jed says, "Partners, really. There are various facets to our organization, Stephen. The department you work for is just one of many. When they reach the door, it opens. MOAD struts out. "You must be Stephen." He gives Jed the eye, then tells Stephen, "Follow me." Stephen is alarmed to realize his uncle isn't coming with him. Jed says, "Just be honest and you'll be fine."

Stephen is deposited in a study. There's a fire blazing in the fireplace. Our sappy SUPE approaches a nearby globe. As he spins it, he's startled by a disembodied male voice. It thanks him for coming. Stephen asks, "Who are you?" The voice answers that he's not sure they're ready to be on a first name basis. Stephen adds, "Or meet face to face?" The voice says, "Not yet." I'm just going to call the voice Mr. Big, because every time I type "the voice" it makes me think of the competitive reality show, and I'm afraid it will end in bad puns (yes, even worse than my usual).

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