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Back at the lair, Cara presents Stephen with an invitation to a 21st birthday party for a Miss Molly Batchelder, an Upper East Side "Gossip Girl." TIM got them on the guest list. "It has everything we're looking for -- minimal security, lots of dark corners." John raises an eyebrow at that last. Russell says they'll get in, have a few drinks and get out. John says, "The last time you had a few drinks, you levitated a bus for a bachelorette party." Russell: "I blew those chicks' minds, John." Cara promises Russell will behave and adds that they just want to remember what it's like to live like humans. John says, "We're not humans." Cara says since this world belongs to them, too, they should not have to wait to get the refuge to enjoy life. John tells her she sounds like Stephen. Cara says maybe he's right. John says it's not happening and starts off. Cara says, "I'll jaunt you for it. [...] if I win, we all go topside." John: "If I win, you never mention this again." Cara tells him he's on. And again I must apologize. I referred to jaunt as joust in the recaplet. People on the boards tell me that in the original series, jaunt was the term used for teleporting. Jaunt makes sense for teleporting. Less so for what we're actually going to see, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Stephen finds a shirtless and surly John, and reports that Jed is taking him to Ultra HQ. John thinks that's great. Stephen is less than psyched to meet whoever ordered the hit on Roger. John doesn't care. He'd gladly risk Stephen for the intel, or hell, a pack of gum. "This is what you signed up for." Stephen informs John he took John's side on the SUPES topside outing. John says it doesn't matter whose side Stephen takes. Just his mere presence there has Cara and all the SUPES in tizzy, ready to live in the human world, "because you can." Stephen tells John he has two choices. "You can tell me to take a hike and deal with Ultra on your own, or you can figure out how to be a leader to your people, without blaming me for your problems. I'm not going to be your scapegoat." As Stephen walks out, John calls after him, "Hey, where are you going? Wouldn't want to miss the big fight." We cut to the...

Lair training room. Russell is gleeful as he tells the crowd, "Let's jaunt." With as much flourish as he'd use, were he introducing professional boxers, he introduces John and Cara. Once he lays a black baton on the floor, between them, the fight begins. I am not your action recapper. Cara wins. The crowd goes wild. Cara says, "It's settled then. I'm sorry, John." He tells her, "It's still a mistake." Stephen can't take his eyes off Cara, so we cut to commercial, so as to minimize his embarrassment.

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