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Kurt says, "I thought his father was dead." Cara says, "Stephen's father is the only one who can lead us to the refuge," which really doesn't counter Kurt's contention. Kurt thinks the refuge is a myth, but John insists that it exists. Kurt asks John if he's seen it, then turns and closes in on Stephen. "Have you been there, Chosen One?" He starts to storm off, but John grabs him by the arm and says, "Here's what I know. There has to be more of us out there. What if Stephen's father has found the refuge and just hasn't been able to make it back? What if the rest of us are with him?" He lets go of Kurt's arm and addresses the group as a whole. "Anyone who thinks that's a fairy tale is free to leave." Kurt turns his back and walks away. John calls after him, "Kurt, if you sneak off to mommy again, don't bother coming back."

Cara finds John alone and asks him if he had to go so hard on Kurt. John says he needs them to understand it isn't a game. Cara gets that, but asks John if he remember when they used to teleport into Yankee Stadium to play softball "or when you borrowed Princess Grace's diamonds for me on New Years?" John reminds her it was just last week she nearly got her powers extracted. Cara's just saying a night out might do them all some good. When John says it isn't worth the risk, Cara says, "John, what's the point of surviving if we don't get to really live? We're dying down here, John. All of us." The green eyed monster alights on John's shoulder, so he adds, "It seemed to be working out just fine, before someone came along." Oh my goodness, John. You have nothing to worry about. We cut to...

Ultra. Mark Menendez is restrained in preparation for his extraction. Darcy and some lesser Ultra minions are presiding. Darcy knocks out Menendez with a right hook, just as Stephen barges in. He pretends he's there to apologize for not listening during the simulation, but he's really just stalling so he can nick a spare dose of the anti-SUPE serum. Stephen watches in disgust as Menendez convulses. He just manages to TK the serum when Jed comes in and tells Stephen they need to talk.

Out in the corridor, Jed tells Stephen that tomorrow, he's taking the boy to Ultra HQ. Stephen thought this was HQ, but Jed says it's only, "the tip of the spear." Stephen asks, "Why do I feel like I've done something wrong?" Does he mean besides all the wrong things he's already done? Jed turns and asks, "Have you?" Stephen lies, "No." He asks his uncle about these other people in charge of Ultra. "The ones who ordered my father's death -- is that who I'm going to meet?" Jed non-answers, "I'll have a car waiting for you. Oh and Stephen, don't go wandering off on me. Had your father come when he was asked, he might still be alive."

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