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SUPES Lair. Upon seeing Stephen's face Cara says, "Nice shiner... Darcy?" Stephen says, "Different chick." Cara frowns. "Chick. No wonder she clocked you." Changing the subject, she asks TIM to pull up the file on a Mark Menendez, who is being held by Uncle Jed, and is scheduled to have his powers extracted. Instead of wanting Stephen to save Menendez, she wants him to make sure that he really gets the "cure." Seeing how Menendez's pastimes include teleporting into maximum security prisons and teleporting back out with murderers and drug lords, I can see where Cara's coming from. This is the sort of storyline (as well as Cara's later solution to the Kurt problem) suggests this show's potential. Jed/Ultra and the free range SUPES have some common ground. Last week, Jed and John both knew Killian had to be stopped. This week, Cara realizes that regardless of how horrific she considers the anti-SUPE injection, there are some SUPES who must be stopped.

Cara introduces Stephen to the SUPES' resident genetic expert, Irene. She's a 17-year-old prodigy, who spews out her academic credentials, which include an undergrad degree from Yale at age 14. "I would have finished my Ph.D. last year at M.I.T., not to brag, if I hadn't TK-ed my dickhead advisor into a wall and ended up for six months on a 5150." Huh. Who would have thought you had a dickhead to advise, Irene? Okay, that was cheap, but the girl is a walking cliché. I'm not spending more time on her than your patience (or mine) will allow. She thinks she can come up with an antidote to the anti-SUPE serum. Cara asks Stephen to steal a sample of the serum, so Irene can analyze it. He says he'll see what he can.

Out in the lounge Kurt is full of backtalk aimed at John, who caught the newbie SUPE leaving his mother's house, and just tele-dragged him back to the lair. Kurt only wanted mom to know he wasn't dead. John says, "You are dead, Kurt, to her, and to everyone else you ever knew. We do not make contact with humans. You go topside on your own, and Ultra's kill squad follows you back down here, you'll get us all killed." Russell adds, "And we can't kill them back." Well Russ, even if you could kill, if they killed you first, you couldn't kill them back. Just saying.

Stephen asks the guys to cut Kurt some slack, since it's not so easy to turn your back on your human life. Instead of being appreciative that Stephen has his back, Kurt whines about how it's not fair that Stephen gets to live at home. John is not thrilled that he has to defend Stephen's comparatively comfortable life, but he reminds Kurt and the group surrounding them, that Stephen is their Ultra embed, who is trying to find his father, SUPE Roger Price, who will set their feet on the road to SUPE Shambala.

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