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Stephen tries to make his case, but Jed and Darcy are having none of it. Jed takes Stephen aside and reminds him the dangers of letting a rogue paranormal (female or not) escape. When he tells the boy to go home and get some sleep, Stephen says, "I can't. I've gotta study." Jed's gaze does not fail to convey sympathy. Then again, Jed is probably one of the best reasons to watch the show. Raise your hand if you wish he only had Nestor Carbonell to play off of. Now raise your other hand if you feel guilty for wishing the lovely and talented Guyliner was cast in yet another mediocre CW joint.

Once Stephen is gone, Jed's phone rings. It's, um...some Ultra guy. I can't find the actor's name. I can't find the character's name. The caller is a male of Asian descent (MOAD), and maybe around 50-years-old. MOAD gives Jed guff for starting Stephen out on missions like bringing in real rogues such as bank robber Kurt Rundle and only later moving him to simulations, and he has a point.

Jed closes his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose, like you do when you're trying to keep your brain from dribbling out. Meanwhile, MOAD makes a gruff about Ultra's failure to contain Killian McCrane. Jed's all I know. I know. That's when MOAD says, "It's time you brought him in…Roger's son." By the way, I think I got this right last week, but I know for at least a couple of weeks, I thought Stephen's dad's name was Jack. I don't know where I got that name, maybe IMDB. I'm sorry for misleading you. In general, it wouldn't hurt this show to have characters use each other's names more, in dialogue. I know it can feel stilted if it's used too much, but with a new show, it helps the audience remember characters. For example, Jed tells MOAD that Stephen isn't ready. MOAD replies, "Jedikiah, as I'm sure you know, it's not me who's asking." We didn't need MOAD to say Jed's name, during that conversation. We needed Jed to say MOAD's name, because who the hell wants to be referred to as MOAD?

Stephen finds Astrid waiting for him at ...a bar? See, even the writers forget these actors are portraying teenagers. She's still got an edge to her, and I'm trying to appreciate that, but when I'm watching her, I get that fingernails running down a chalkboard sensation. She notices Stephen's rapidly developing shiner and asks what happened to his eye. He hesitates then goes with the truth: "A girl punched me." Astrid says, "Wow, she beat me to it." See what I mean? After she gives him some attitude for lying to her (about disappearing from the railroad crossing), they seem ready to end their friendship timeout. Stephen invites Astrid to the Homecoming dance (more as a BFF than a date). She says she'll think about it. I yell at Stephen to look in the mirror. Sure I know, he was a mental case last year, while his powers were breaking out, but I was once a high school girl. Do you know how many of his female classmates probably want to fix this pretty young man? We cut to the...

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