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When Stephen returns to the lair, he tells Russell he had to drop Irene at the ER and make a fast getaway, but he thinks she'll make it. He'll check on her tomorrow. As they enter the lounge, they see Cara reading each SUPE, to figure out who sold them out to Ultra. Stephen is afraid that perhaps he inadvertently gave them up during his session with Ultra's Mr. Big. He volunteers to be read, next. As soon as Cara lays her hands upon Stephen's, they hear Kurt thinking (or maybe saying, I can't tell), "I swear to God it wasn't supposed to happen like that." John asks Kurt what he just said. Kurt says, "They said no one would get hurt." Apparently, the little goober returned to his mother's house one more time, and Ultra caught him there. They told him they wanted him to give up John, in exchange for Kurt's mom's life. Russell says, "So you let them kill three of our own, instead? We trusted you. We made you one of us, you piece of..." Stephen and John restrain Russell and pull him back.

Cara and her cromulent cleavage confront the traitor. "We treated you like family, Kurt. We saved your life, and this is how you repay us?" Kurt starts to ask what she's going to do, but before the words leave his mouth, Cara TKs him into the far wall of the lounge. She lets him drop and teleports out of view. It takes her longer to get to him, than it probably would, had she just run, but the reason for the delay becomes clear. Cara now holds in her hand the anti-SUPE serum Stephen stole from Ultra. Kurt pleads for someone to stop her. Stephen reminds her that the serum was hard to come by, and says Kurt isn't worth it. Cara pauses for but a second. Squinting (or again giving into the eye shadow) she tells Kurt, "You're not one of us, Kurt. Not anymore." She plunges the needle into his neck and injects the serum. "If you breathe a word of this to anyone, if you try to lead Ultra back here, I swear to God I will get inside your head. I will magnify the pain you are feeling so much, you won't recognize your mother's face. Do you understand me, Kurt?" Kurt manages to nod through his convulsions. Cara lets him drop to the floor. She rises to face the crowd, particularly John, Russell and Stephen, all three of whom are now deeply afraid of her. Cara and her breasts bop out of the scene, leaving the men to watch Kurt contort in pain. What did I tell you about Cara and Jed?

When Stephen arrives home, Astrid is waiting in his bedroom. Mama Marla must work a lot, because this chick is in his room so often, I'm starting to think she can teleport. Stephen apologizes for not calling. Astrid confesses she followed him, but was stopped by some "Secret Service woman." Stephen tells her it isn't safe to follow him. It's then that she notices Irene's blood all over his shirt, and demands to know what's going on. Stephen says he saw something awful tonight, and doesn't know if he can deal with it alone, but he can't drag her into it. Astrid says, "I'm already in it, if it's your life we're talking about." Stephen ponders it for a moment, then asks if she remembers where they first became friends. Astrid says, "Yeah, of course. Why?" He asks her to take his hands and trust him. Once she does, Stephen teleports them out of his room, to the foot of a bridge. I'm sorry, New York. Is that the Brooklyn Bridge? I'm going to say it is, but don't feel bad if I get it wrong. The only bridge I'd know by sight in my own neck of the woods is the Zakim. The point is, once they land, Astrid looks around in wide-eyed wonder. She heaves a sigh, laughs and turns her gaze toward Stephen. He cocks his head as if to say: There's no way I look 17, right? Look at my forehead. Astrid looks around and breathes a silent, "Oh." Hand in hand they consider NYC's beautiful nighttime skyline. Title card.

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