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Kurt and Russell are some of the first to make it outside. Once they're out of range of the D-chips, Russell tells Kurt to jump. They teleport to safety. Cara, John and Irene make it outside. John has to take out a couple of henchmen. The first he takes out with fists of fury. As the man falls, John grabs his gun. The second armed henchman comes out and fires a spray of bullets. Cara pushes Irene out of the line of fire and cries out for John. She turns to see John take aim, fire, and kill the shooter. Dun dun dun! John looks at Cara in slow motion, which sets me to giggling. Even his vocals sound slowed down as he hollers, "Get her outta here." Cara embraces Irene and teleports away. John drops the gun and does likewise. By the time Jed arrives outside, the alley is empty of everyone but his dead and incapacitated henchmen.

Back in the lair, Irene is fading fast. Cara is tending to her when John arrives. The SUPES try to help her, but Irene's condition is too bad. When Stephen arrives, I figure he'll stop time, and he and John will somehow TK the bullets out of her, and TK her wounds closed, but I guess they're not that powerful, and that's probably a good thing. Stephen ends up squabbling with John over whether or not they can take her to the hospital. John refuses to break protocol again, since that's what got them into this mess. When Stephen taps into Cara's thoughts and hears her blaming herself, he scoops Irene up in his arms. Cara cries, "What are you doing?" Staring down John, Stephen replies, "Breaking protocol." Commercial.

Back at the lair, Cara is alone with John when she confronts him over his ability to kill. It takes her a moment to realize he too must have been part of the Annex Project that broke Killian McCrane, and so many others. John confesses, "I was one of the lucky ones who survived the Beta test." Cara asks why he didn't tell her. John explains he's wanted this part of him to stay dead. Cara chides him for shutting her out of this part of his life. "Do you see what this has done to us, John?" John doesn't think he had a choice. "How do you think they'd take the news -- that Jedikiah had turned their fearless leader into a freak -- that I wasn't one of them, anymore?" Cara says, "I'm not talking about them. Why didn't you tell me?" John says, "'Cause of the way you're looking at me, right now -- like I'm some monster." Cara says she doesn't care what his secret was. "It's that you kept it from me. That is what you were seeing, John." She storms off.

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