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Back inside the party, Cara asks Irene why she didn't answer her telepathic screams. Irene is just a nerd on the sauce. She doesn't know, so she just says she couldn't hear Cara. It's then that Cara realizes she can't hear anyone. She grabs Irene by the arm and tells her they have to go. At the upstairs bar, Russell is way off kilter. When he knocks a shot glass to the floor, John crouches to retrieve it. On his way back up to standing, he notices funny devices attached to the underside of the bar. Rising to full height he keeps his head and voice low as he lets Russell and another nearby SUPE know, "It's an ambush."

When Russell tries to teleport out, nothing happens. He turns to John. "I can't jump." John answers: "D-chips." I really want a writer to come over and explain this to me. As people on our boards have noted, the last time we heard of D-chips, there was a D-chip in Stephen's father's watch. Stephen wore it so Ultra wouldn't be able to read his mind. I'm not going out to check, but my friend Imonrey is pretty sure that when Stephen was wearing the D-chip watch, he was teleporting at will. Since I misinterpreted and misremembered so much of the episode in my recaplet -- so much that Imonrey got right -- I'm not inclined to doubt this. The only fanwank I can offer is perhaps it is the number of D-chips in the club, and the size of them. That's all I've got. John says they have to get everyone out.

Meanwhile, Cara, Irene, Kurt and some random SUPES have entered the upper bar where John and Russell are. As the group descends a staircase, Jed and Stephen watch from afar. Stephen tries to tele-warn Cara that it's a trap, but she can't hear him. She already knows, though. Red Dress follows the gang downstairs, pulls a gun and opens fire. If she kills Russell, I'll teleport through the TV and kill her, myself. He's the only lively character on this show.

When the gunfire begins, Stephen wants to intervene, but Uncle Jed holds him back. The SUPES take cover. There's chaos and screaming. Stephen hisses through his teeth, at his uncle: "Whatever this is supposed to teach me, I've seen enough." I believe he teleports away. Commercial.

Red Dress and other Ultra hench-persons are still firing on the SUPES. Stephen arrives in the basement. He uses the door, so maybe he didn't teleport away from Jed. Maybe he just ran. As he nears the circuit breaker, Stephen conjures up some TK force between his hands and throws it. It hits the breaker, opens it, and shorts out the whole works. The lights go out all over the club. When I watched it the first time, I took this to mean the D-chips were somehow disabled, but I was wrong about that. The power outage is just a diversion. (Thanks, Imonrey. And yeah, maybe Imonrey should be covering this show instead of me, but I have a kid heading off to college, so hush.) Most of the SUPES escape. John has to help Cara with Irene, because the girl has been hit. Jed looks like he's about to take out John, but John grabs a waiter for a human shield, and only tosses him aside, once he reaches the stairs. Jed fires after him, but honestly, it feels half-hearted.

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