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A Talk Show, Supper And A Goodbye

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Tammy says that she loves Ron, and that people wonder how in the world she could live with a porn star for twelve days, but that he's been great. She says he's very talented and intelligent and that she loves him very much. Ron gets teary-eyed. And I think that's the point where I did, too. She also chimes in about how much she loves Ice, and that she's looking forward to seeing a lot more of him in the future. I guess she means when the fees for this gig run out for him and he's reduced to posing for Blue Boy.

Ice says that Tammy has brought him peace, and that he loves her for doing so. He then says that Erik's served as his mentor. He tells everyone that his big brother left him when he was young, which gets him all choked up. Erik came along and filled the void that Ice's brother left. Erik taught Ice to swallow his pride, and showed him the kind of man that Ice hopes to be someday. Both Ice and Erik start to cry. Erik calls Ice a dick and a jackass for making him cry. Ice says he feels like an older brother to Trishelle, and warns her to stay away from his wife, which is probably a smart thing after the woman sees this show. Ice says that the one phrase that can sum up this entire adventure is "Be Yourself." I would have gone with "Fire your agent," but then again I wasn't on the show. They start singing the song "Be Yourself" that they sang at the end of their play, and then the wine starts to flow. As you might expect, the girls go wild. Ron falls asleep sitting up on the couch, and they cram a cake in his face. He's legitimately pissed and doesn't think it's funny. This leads to a food fight they take throughout the house, leaving Tammy Faye and Erik trying to sleep upstairs. Cake is thrown on the walls and floor. The girls go to sneak up on Ice as he's hiding around a corner. He jumps out and pelts them with cake. They pour beer all over him, and as the cameras survey the damage, we see that they've destroyed the place. It looks like Keith Moon came back from the dead in a bakery.

It's the last day, and everyone's packing to leave. Though they all are ready to go home, Tammy Faye says it's going to be hard to say goodbye, and that they're all scared to death that they'll lose touch with one another. Erik and Ron are in the kitchen as Ice walks in. "Nice decorating," Erik sneers at Ice. Ice swears he had no part in it except as a victim. Erik says that if his kids destroyed his joint, he'd flush 'em down the toilet. He wants to go home now. He's done. He looks exhausted, as if Trishelle did wear him out. Dude, you owe me five bucks.

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