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Luxury Lounge
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Two Italian men sit in a car in a park somewhere, consulting a map and trying to figure out whether they should go visit the former site of the Twin Towers while they are in New York. Another car pulls up, and Corky (the guy Christopher talked to about whacking Rusty) gets out. Corky asks whether the Italian guys speak English, and one of them says that he speaks a little bit. Corky switches to Italian and lays out the details of the job the Napolis were sent to do. Corky instructs the visitors to memorize the map he has provided, and then destroy it, but adds that the guns he's provided are clean, so they can drop them at the scene. There's probably a "Leave the guns, take the cannoli" joke in there somewhere, but I'll be arsed if I can find it. I think it somehow involves Vito and blowjobs, though. One of the Italians wonders where Corky learned Italian, and Corky says that he was born there, and came to America when he was two. The other guys asks where Corky was born, and Corky just backs out of the conversation and walks away. At first, I was suspicious, like, is he making up the Italian story? But the more I think about it, I guess he just doesn't want to give these guys any more information than they need, for protection purposes. And why is Corky always dressed like a pizza delivery guy? Am I right?

Members of the New York and New Jersey families gather in the back room at Vesuvio to welcome some newly made guys (one of whom is "Gerry the Hairdo") to the family. Sil starts to make a toast, but Tony interrupts, when Sil gets long-winded, and wraps it up. Phil stands up and makes a speech to the effect that "in light of recent humiliations," it's great to be among men, and not "faggot-ass cornholing cocksuckers like married my cousin! He should fucking die!" Tony actually looks slightly amused, but tells Phil to calm down, and Hairdo tells Phil that "the wine makes [him] emotional." Some of the guys start complaining about the wait for the food, and Tony gets offended on Artie's behalf before admitting that things have been going downhill lately at Vesuvio.

Artie walks in at that moment to a cold reception, and apologizes for the delay, explaining that he's breaking in some new cooks. Bobby speaks up and points out that the main room is empty, so the delay seems kind of lame. Phil asks Artie whether he's been to a new restaurant called Da Giovanni, and everyone lavishes praise on the food there. Artie promises to check it out. I can empathize with how annoying that must be for Artie; it's like when people tell me about other great recaps they've read online. I know they exist. I just don't necessarily want to be told how awesome they are, you know? The food arrives, to everyone's great relief.

Tony and Christopher walk outside for an after-dinner smoke. Tony can't believe Phil's outburst. Has he met Phil? He's a walking outburst. Christopher says that Vito's goomar still hasn't heard from Vito. Carlo joins them, and Christopher says that they were just discussing "La Cage aux Fat." Carlo chuckles, as does Tony, so there must have been a lot of wine-drinking at that dinner. Carlo says that he knows a detective they can call, but he hasn't done it yet, because of "that work stoppage at the office park." Tony says philosophically that if Vito shows up, they'll deal with it, but that they don't need to get all Karen Sisco on his ass. Carlo says it's no trouble, but Tony's not interested.

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