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You Better Work, Part II

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You Better Work, Part II

A double-decker bus drives by. We see a sign for Heathrow airport. An Alitalia flight unloads passengers. Jacinda is one of them. She slumps off the plane dejectedly clutching an alligator tote bag. Her hair looks amazing -- like she slept on it but it got crushed in all the right places. "My agent calls me and she goes, 'Jacinda, we have this incredible job for you in Rome,'" says Jacinda in an interview. "They assured me that it was fantastic and it was going to be beautiful and Ralph Lauren-style in the country on this little farm. It was a couple of days in Rome, great money, a chance to get away so I thought, 'Wonderful.'" Oh, I get calls like this all the time. Don't we all? Jacinda walks home in the rain with a tragic look on her face. I'm not sure why she can't just take a cab. She did, after all, just earn some money, no? When she finally arrives at Attention Deficit Manor, she tells her housemates what a horrible time she just had modeling. A series of flashbacks and interview sound bites tell us how harrowing the experience was. Frankly, I was getting ready for a seedy tale of being imprisoned in a hotel room in Milan until she entertained some Japanese businessmen at the behest of an arms dealer, but it wasn't quite that bad. Apparently she had to hold a gun or a whip or something in a photo, and that made her angry. And to top it all off, some Italian photographer kept telling her that she could be pretty if she "wanted to be." "I didn't like the job," she says in an interview. "I didn't like the people I was working with." But later in a confessional, she admits that the pictures came out fine and that's the whole point of the job. "You don't always have a good time on shoots," says Jacinda. "And most of the time you're either freezing or hot. It's very uncomfortable, but you have to deal with that. It's your job." If only Neil had that work ethic.

B-roll of Notting Hill exteriors on a sunny day. In the kitchen, Neil asks Mike whether he feels bad about placing tenth in that race. Jesus, I thought we'd finished with Mike and his racing. Mike assures Neil that he took it in stride and in that abused Doris Day interview he did for Episode Twelve, he tells us that he raced the best he could. Jacinda, however, reveals that Mike's been miserable ever since the last time he raced, despite his philosophical outlook. "He was really disappointed that he didn't do well," says Jacinda. Well, it turns out that the reason we're revisiting the whole racing thing is because Mike is going home for a visit. And while he's there, he'll participate in a race -- where, he hopes, he'll redeem himself in his family's eyes.

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