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Working Hard, or Hardly…oh, you know

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Working Hard, or Hardly...oh, you know

Back at the outdoor café, Sarah says she thinks she would be a great waitress. Then she yells, "Get me an adam and eve on a raft, and wreck 'em!" The theme from Alice starts to play and Cyn yells at Flora, "Kiss my grits, honey!" Yes, that was just me having fun. Sorry. Flora continues her lame-o sob story about how "desperate" and "depressed" she is about having "no money," and that she may "die." One may wish.

Back in the (gay!) restaurant, Dan whirls around. Oh, were they waiting for him? Oh, hoo hoo hoo! A mix-up that would have been resolved if he had simply approached the table and addressed the people to whom he was supposed to speak! Dan moves all the stuff off one chair, ignoring the other, empty chair, and focuses all his attention on one guy, ignoring the other. Strike three, dude. The guy under Dan's baby-blue gaze says uneasily, "What can I do for you?"

Over in the peanut gallery, Mike asks Joe if the Village People play here. No, they play state fairs now, you idjit. Joe leafs through the newspaper Mike threw down like a hot poker just minutes before and comments, "Can you believe it? All these people are gay. And they're all normal-looking. What is normal?" I think the statistic is one in ten is gay, dude. Learn it. Know it. Live it.

Back to the bad-interview session. Sitting down? Good. They have NO POSITIONS AVAILABLE. Dan is shit out of luck. I wonder if there's anything he could have done differently?

The three dudes all leave, with Dan complaining loudly. "I thought it very mysterious that sixteen hours earlier there were openings, and now, when I'm sitting in the chair, there aren't any. In other words, 'You're ugly.'" In other words, you fucked up the interview! Looks matter not. Well, they matter, but they aren't everything. Dan continues about this is how it is in South Beach, blah blah blah pretty peoplecakes. Over at the lunch for out-of-work ladies, Flora dances with Hare Krishnas and plays the cymbals. Pass the hat, somebody, she's busking!

Dan dials the phone as Spacehog plays in the background. He calls Ocean Drive magazine, the fashion/high society/stupid glossy rag that every city has. We actually have two in Philly, but one sucks so bad we're taking bets on when it will fold (clearing throat) Philly Style! So anyway, Dan introduces himself to the publisher, the cameras cut away, and when we cut back, he says he can "make up a resumé," then hangs up and announces he has an interview. Let's imagine what he said, shall we? "Hi, I'm on the Real World and need a part time job...interested?" Cut to video of Sarah repeating her earlier voiced concerns of people not working on the business idea-thing.

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