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Working Hard, or Hardly...oh, you know

Wait, here's some more of Flora; can't wait to see the likeable part. She's on the phone "sweet"-talking some guy named Alex into driving her around town. I don't think one usually needs to weep to and beg a friend into being shown a new place. First she says, "Do you have an extra car I can borrow for a couple of hours?" And then, "If I don't get a job, I'm gonna be sleeping on the beach." Then, after he agrees to be her chauffeur, she manages, "Gracias mi amour, ti quiero mucho." Alex, the idiot, says in response, "Ooh, baybah!" She must have charmed the brains right out of him.

So some stupid reggae music plays and Alex hustles Flora, Cynthia and Sarah into his fancy-pants car. Cyn looks intimidated as she asks, "Ooh, this is a Mercedes?" Flora makes a shoving gesture behind her as she says to Alex, "I feel bad you have to drive me around." We all feel bad for him, honey. They all cruise to Ocean Drive for lunch, and rubberneck at the models prowling around and the nice cars cruising the models. Cyn says, "I haven't seen a hoopty yet!"

Here goes more of Flora's "good for the soul" crap. Why hasn't she written a book? My bed is bulging with the pillows I've embroidered her observations onto. Check it out: "I really have to get out and work, it's good for the soul. No matter how much money you have, or time you have." Okay, according to Flora, too much smiling is bad for the soul, and it's good for the soul to be sad. Working is also good for the soul. Oh my god, I've just had an epiphany: Writing these recaps for Mighty Big TV is good for my frickin' soul. At times, it is sad, sad work writing these things up. Hooray for my soul.

Dan paces nervously in a restaurant. Underneath, Marilyn Manson's version of "Sweet Dreams are Made of This" plays. He says to some guy, "I have an interview -- am I supposed to be talking to them? Am I interrupting anything? Okay." He turns away from the two men seated at a table and continues to pace, with his arms folded in front of his bony chest. Cut to video where Dan explains, "In gay bars and gay restaurants and everything, it matters not if you have any shred of skill -- what matters is how you look." Gay bars and restaurants everywhere ruffle in outrage. May I just say that, even for a college student from Kansas, Dan is incredibly stupid and naïve? In the world, experience does matter. In the world, it is not all how you look. Gay or otherwise. Okay? Good. In fact, I think this segment of The Real World should be taught in a Learning Annex-type class called "What NOT To Do in a Job Interview," or perhaps, "How To Let Basic Everyday Insecurity Ruin Every Opportunity You Have." So, Dan continues to pace and ignore his interviewers and Mike and Joe wander in. Tip number two: In an interview, you do not need to have a bunch of lunkheads hang around, even if they did give you a ride. Have them wait elsewhere. Dan says he's "kind of unnerved." Well, duh. You're doing everything wrong, that's why! Mike sits down and leafs through a newspaper, soon putting it down with a strange look on his face that falls somewhere between intrigued and repulsed. Joe helpfully points out the rainbow flag on the door. It's a GAY restaurant, Mike. Men loving men. In this context, it's not strange, okay? So wipe that face off your head and deal. Mike says to Dan, "Every ad had like guys hugging in it!" Dan starts to react but they cut away. Bastards in the editing room!

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