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Working for a Living

Man, these tags from the previous episode are really boring. No wonder they cover them up with promos. Anyway, last week in the tag, Nicole complained on the phone to a friend that, when they were in Morocco, they couldn't wear tank tops, and could only eat bread.

Previously on Real World: During the Casting Special, Bunim and Murray told the cast that if they were fired from their job, they were off the show. Quarrel decided that she wouldn't be fired from her job, and vowed to do better. Lori met a really terrible jam band at CBGB's and auditioned for the position of their vocalist. She got the job.

As with last week, before the credits, the screen goes black, and the following appears in white text: "This season of The Real World was shot in New York City earlier this year. We have chosen to show the remaining episodes unaltered as a testament to the longstanding history and spirit of this great city."

Lori rehearses with her new band. There's a lot of "jamming" going on (and I put it in quotation marks, because to call it jamming without the quotes would be a discredit to bands like the Allman Brothers, who actually know, jam.). There's not much singing. In an interview, Lori says that she's just "wailing with this band," and we see rehearsal footage of Lori singing with no words. I think it's pretty much the same song we heard at their last rehearsal. That's the sign of a bad jam band; all of their songs sound exactly the same. Rachel and Lori's friend Mike sit and listen to the rehearsal. In an interview, Rachel says that Lori's band doesn't have any songs, and that they don't have any music, so "they just kind of jam." That's what I'm saying. In an interview, Lori says that the band is very disorganized, and she's starting to realize that they're not "out there to make it." The bloom, she is off the rose.

Well, this episode has significant Lori time, so you know that food and eating must also be involved. Lori and Rachel talk in the kitchen. Lori says that she can't afford just to spend time jamming as she empties the dishwasher. Rachel and Lori agree that Lori is not a jammer. Is it wrong that I immediately think of about ten sexual jokes when I hear that statement? You too? Okay, good. Lori says that she's a recording artist. Rachel says that you have to record a lot of stuff to be a recording artist. Ooh, burn. Lori counters that she's made two CDs, and a song with Dave. "Dave." That name sounds familiar.

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