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Why Don't We Get Drunk And S#!$%?

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Why Don't We Get Drunk And S#!$%?

Previously on The Real World: Mike made a stupid racist comment. Quarrel was really mean to everyone, especially Mike. Then she decided that she shouldn't be so mean. Nicole loved some guy named Bobby. Who's Bobby? Have we heard about this Bobby before? I don't think that we have. While Nicole was on the phone with Bobby, Rachel made comments like, "Bobby, I love you!" which makes me feel better about when Nicole did the same thing to Rachel a few weeks ago.

Nicole gets a package from this Bobby fellow, and she's all excited about it. In an interview, Quarrel explains that Nicole has a huge crush on Bobby. Nicole opens the package, hoping that it's not "something nasty like thongs" and finds a skirt. In an interview, Nicole says that Bobby is cute, funny, stylish, and that they share a sense of humor. But, Bobby doesn't like her the way that she likes him. What straight guy sends a girl a skirt? Unless he's in the clothing business or something. That just seems weird to me. If they're just friends, how does he even know her size? I guess it's a wraparound, so the sizing is probably generous. I don't know. It just seems like a weird present unless it was from, like, your mom or something.

Nicole voice-overs that she throws herself at Bobby, and he doesn't accept it. Nicole calls Bobby to thank him for the present. In a confessional, Nicole says that she wants Bobby to come visit her from Detroit, which she doesn't think is all that far. Well, it's not like he lives in Brooklyn and can just hop on the subway. It's still a flight away. Bobby says he might come visit the next weekend. Nicole is happy, but notes that Bobby doesn't always keep his word. Based on what Nicole has told us thus far, I do not like this Bobby all that much. He seems like a tease. She could do better.

In an interview, Quarrel says that she wants to talk about the tensions in the house. Quarrel talks to Lori and Nicole in a bar. Quarrel tells the others that she knows now that she comes off as strong and intimidating, but she doesn't want to intimidate people. In an interview, Quarrel says that she didn't know that she made everyone else uptight, and she wishes that she could be nice to people, but she worries that they will step all over her if she is. Then, she cries one perfect tear. Man, that Quarrel is messed up if she equates being a nice person to being a doormat.

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