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Who's the Outkast Now?

Previously on The Real World: Quarrel had a Vaj moment in her argument with Mike over panty-droppers. Nicole yelled at Kevin, "I don't have to! I! Don't! Have to!" which sadly might end up being the most memorable quote of this season. Nicole went out and recruited people for a focus group while Rachel giggled ineffectually and tried to hide.

Every week, I notice something new in the credits. This week, I noticed that Mike's segment is shown in front of a nudie bar. Nice subliminal message there. Mike doesn't like dudes! He likes the ladies!

Statue of Liberty Shot #4. Rachel confesses that she didn't get any people for the first focus group. I'm just going to call Quarrel and Nicole "The Bullies" this week, because that's all they do. Nicole is wearing the biggest earrings I've ever seen. She could take one off and jump through it. Or, more likely, make Rachel do it. The Bullies make fun of Rachel for not doing any work, which is oh-so-ironic given what happens later in the episode. In an interview, Nicole says that Rachel was giving her a really hard time while Nicole was trying to recruit people for the focus group. So giggling and clinging to the sides of buildings is "a really hard time"? In an interview, Rachel claims that The Bullies are intimidating, and that they tease her to the point that it hurts her feelings. Lori watches from upstairs as Nicole claims that their teasing is payback. Payback for what? Have any of the roommates ever teased The Bullies, ever? No, because they're scared to do it. Oh wait -- it must have all taken place off camera. Except it totally didn't. Rachel proclaims that she's just going to leave the room, because she can't take their teasing. Rachel seems like one of those people who would be really easy to tease, but that's no excuse for the way The Bullies are acting. Jesus, suddenly this apartment is all Animal Farm.

Nicole gets up at 4 AM to complete her hair and makeup. By noon, she's ready to leave the house. In an interview, Nicole explains that she hates getting up every morning to do a job she doesn't like, largely because she saw her mother do that for years. In an interview, Quarrel explains that she doesn't want to sit in an office all day. Oh, I feel so bad for them! They live rent-free in one of the most expensive cities in the world, and at a time when unemployment is on the rise, they are given a cushy office job for twenty hours per week, for which they earn a stipend. Nicole even mentions that her mother had to clean houses for a living, and yet she still feels sorry for herself? Get some perspective. Jesus.

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