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Night. Two people from "STA Travel" arrive with backpacks for all the kids. The kids open the backpacks. They're going to Costa Rica. Ooh. Wow? They all act excited. Neh says that Costa Rica has great beaches and women. Lacey can't not talk, so she reads a travel brochure aloud from the backpack. Some interviews of forced excitement occur. They announce that the kids can only take what they can fit in those backpacks. People pack. More fake excitement. It's so hard to find good footage of the kids looking happy about this shitty trip that they're forced to use the same clip of Wes reacting to the news twice.

On the next... Costa Rica. Water. Rip line. Surfing. Lacey complains about wiping out. Mel and Danny fight at a bar. Ah. Good to see that Mel and Danny are really taking advantage of this vacation and doing totally different stuff than they would be doing back home. Hey, maybe someone will cave in Danny's face in a bar fight here, too!

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