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Mel and her boobs get into a cab along with most of the other kids, heading over to the screening place. Mel camera-nips that she's nervous because they're going to be getting critiqued by film "professionals." They arrive at what looks like a temporary portable trailer and are greeted by some of the Austin Film Society folk. One of them says that their having stayed up all night working on the project is the first mark of a serious filmmaker. The second is a coke habit. The third is having sex with your assistant. The fourth is crashing and burning on your second film and ending up working for the Austin Film Society in a tiny trailer outside of Waco.

Warehouse. Rachel and Lacey finish outputting the tapes. They get into a cab. Rachel voice-overs that they're leaving late and that it's unprofessional to make people wait and "tense" music plays...and they make it to the screening on time.

Screening trailer. Neh talks to Paul. He camera-talks that he's not nervous, and that this is the first time he gets to see his "work" on a big screen. The lights go out, and someone "jokes" that the first screening is always the worst.

Screening. "A Work in Progress," the doc is subtitled. No kidding. As the screening happens, Neh voice-overs that he's not watching the doc, but the reactions of everyone else. Yeah, that's not annoying at all. Boring doc. Boring doc. Boring doc. Boring doc. Same bands. Same songs. Hellogoodbye guy makes a "joke." The doc ends. People clap listlessly. The kids awkwardly stand in front as the feedback starts. Someone makes a comment about the "main character" of the piece being SXSW, and how that shouldn't be the case. Someone else says that the piece lacks structure. Lacey somehow interprets this to be "nice feedback," telling us, as others continue to give comments, that people are being complimentary and giving really helpful feedback and that no one is looking at them like, "you stupid idiots." Well, except for me. And everyone else watching the show who isn't asleep. Neh asks how they should work on fixing character development. Paul gives a terrible and incomplete answer. The session ends awkwardly and everyone claps awkwardly and things are awkward. Somehow the kids feel that everything went quite well.

Night. Freeway. Day. Warehouse. Doc dork David is at the house talking with the kids about how to incorporate the notes, and what their plan of action is. Mel thinks they need to find a storyline. Neh says there's a lot they need to add, but that it doesn't need anything drastic. Lacey is forced to tell us that she's feeling positive about the growth of the piece and that they think they've earned their trip. David gets on the T-Mobile Whatever and calls Paul, who announces they've earned their trip, but won't tell them where they're going. "What?! What?!" shouts Lacey into the phonething. That girl is going to be one crazy-looking old lady. At least she won't have to change her wardrobe at all -- she already dresses like my Great Aunt Louise. David announces that, at 7 PM, "they'll be visited by..." The Ghost of Christmas Past? Oh, no -- some travel agents, arriving with another MTV commercial. Someone laughs that they're going to go to sleep until then. Me too.

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