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Warehouse. Phone room. Lacey is on the phone to Ryan. As Ryan inserts the gun into his mouth, Lacey bitches about the doc and how Neh just "threw" it together and it was "horrible." She goes on that Paul gave them a list of stuff to do to the doc ("#1: Hit Erase"), but Neh is gone, so Mel and Rachel are in there trying to fix it but they don't know how. She camera-chins that Neh needs to put more care into this because it's what he loves. She goes on to make a brilliantly retarded analogy, saying that if their task was a haircut, that's what she loves, so she wouldn't wait and just "chop up something" at the last minute. Lacey bitches on to the Unluckiest Boyfriend Ever, snorting that if Neh is "Mr. Film Student," he should be able to fix this, but he's not doing it, so they might not be able to go on their trip.

Isn't it heartwarming how the roommates all came to support Neh and see him perform, no matter how crappy? Oh, that's right, they didn't.

It's 1:15 AM when Neh comes home, hyped up from ruining rap. The Graphics of Stupid tell us they only have "15 hours 45 minutes until the screening." The graphics will continue the countdown in a totally failed attempt to create drama, but I'm not going to mention it again because it makes me sad. Fish. Fish. Big Tex. Neh kisses Lacey. Ooh, if he knew the shit she talked. Then he kisses Johanna, who is reading in bed (I see she was busy with much more important stuff than coming to see him perform). He tells her he had a great time but came home to do some editing. He freestyles to us, telling us that the project will be done because that's just who he is. "I will stay up as long as it takes to get this project done," he says.

CUT TO: Giant Round Bed of Gay. Neh snores, asleep, lying next to Danny and a shirtless, snoring Wes. Lacey camera-talks, really fucking pissing me off, bitching about Neh's work on the doc under the guise of saying that she thinks he's "selling himself short" and not taking advantage of this opportunity in the field he wants to go into. More snoring boys.

Morning. Cactus. Cows. Rooster. Warehouse. It's just past 6 AM, and Neh explains to us that he's getting up early to "restart" the whole project. Danny comes into the bathroom as Neh is showering, marveling that Neh didn't get much sleep. Neh says it's not about sleep, but about "a finished project." Neh camera-talks that he wants to make the doc "viewable for a large audience." Well, technically it will be. It just won't be enjoyable for that audience. Then Neh cracks funny: "I don't fail anything. Except for math twice." Ha. Take that, Wes. Ya hack.

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