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Editing room. Neh shows Wes and Lacey the stuff he's cut. Lacey can't stop herself from injecting some drama, so she suggests to Neh that Danny may be mad because he wanted to cut the Hellogoodbye stuff since he shot it. Wes stands up for his man, saying that Danny can "want" to do it all he wants, but that Danny's a shitty editor and that it'll look like crap. Wes goes on to tell us that his only duty during the editing process is going to be to come in and fill people's drinks or say "hi," and that the only time he's going to even go into the room is if he's bringing a girl in there. So, in other words, he'll never go in there.

Kitchen. Mel is cooking some whore casserole or something as Wes babbles to her that Neh's cut is "genius." We see he's playing pool with Neh, and Mel finally says that she's not going to do any editing then, but rather to go out every night, and Wes says that it's what he's going to do as well, and everyone laughs but I'm not sure why. Maybe they're watching Extras or My Name Is Earl on TV or something.

Crap Bar They Always Go To That I'm Not Going To Give An Extra Plug To. Wes and Danny stand under the bar as two ugly girls with nice bodies dance on top of the bar and pour beer down themselves onto the boys. WTF? Danny better be careful he doesn't get accidentally kicked in the head by one of the drunk-ass girls. His whole skull would cave in like a week-old jack o' lantern.

Night. Austin. Taxi. Lacey and Rachel take a cab home. Lacey bitches to Rachel about their doc. Uh, isn't Rachel supposed to hate Lacey and her giant face from her shit-talking last week? Or just from, you know, Lacey sucking in a general way? Lacey says that the doc has no talking in it now, and that it's just three songs with images; there's no story. They babble back and forth about how Paul is going to hate it and how they might not get to go on their trip because while the "videos" are good, the doc is now just music videos. I said that already, right? Well, it's because Rachel and Lacey have now said it nineteen times in this scene. Rachel fat-overs that she wants to go on the trip, and then she tells Lacey that she's totally stressed out about this now, and Lacey apologizes. Ha. Apologizing for doing her favorite thing in the world: making other people anxious with her words. Rachel rubs her hand all over her big ol' Jim Carrey rubber face, and we limp to commercials.

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