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First of all, I'd like to mention that I saw Puck the other week riding his bike in front of my comedy class. It's official: absolutely every single person in America has had a Puck sighting. Puck got off his bike, shook my hand, and took my picture. He looked over my head as he said, "Now there's no reason left for me to live." We both knew it wasn't a sad statement -- it was akin to if he had said, "You wear shoes on your feet."

Previously on The Real World: Rachel was pretty proud of herself for being the only person to go to Puck's little soapbox derby. Pedro had AIDS. Puck decided that he knows enough about AIDS not to go to Pedro's functions since Pedro didn't ride a soapbox. Pedro was pissed about peanut butter as Cory giggled.

Puck asks Cory for a kiss. She giggles and offers him a hug. Pedro irons his clothes and smiles at Cory's platonic love for Puck. Puck keeps flirting and Cory keeps holding her mouth as far away from Puck as possible. Pedro tells us that Cory has been spending a lot of time with Puck. Cory calls Puck her "little Wonder Bread kid." She then quickly adds, "My little Wonder Bread brother." Pedro explains that Cory has told him recently that whenever she wants to do something, Puck is the only person who's around. Puck nuzzles Cory's neck, but she seems to be tolerating his advances, not welcoming them. Puck tells Pedro that he's Oscar and Pedro is Felix. Although Pedro is ironing a shirt, he tells Puck, "No, don't even try!" Cory giggles on like the vacuous girlie she is. Puck tries to sing the theme song to The Odd Couple, but it sounds like Pedro hit a whammy. Puck points out that Pedro is ironing while Puck's clothes are in a pile. "We are The Odd Couple," he repeats. They get an earlier clip of Cory looking slightly to the right saying, "Yep," and just throw it in here so it looks like she's a part of this conversation. Cory wears a horrible sweater to tell us that Pedro and Puck have tension. When your ugly sweater upstages you, you know you've got nothing to say.

Puck and Pedro play pool. Puck tells us he sees Pedro and not "Mr. AIDS Man Gay Activist." That is the name of my ninth album, by the way. The one after "Mrs. Epstein-Barr Asian Schoolgirl." Pedro says that Puck just keeps judging Pedro for being gay. Puck says he hates the way that Pedro judges him for being heterosexual. Puck wears a flower behind his ear for this segment, by the way. Pedro tells us he hates Puck calling them the Odd Couple. Hates it. Since it's been mentioned three times in two minutes, I hate it, too. Puck's the one who wants them to be a couple so badly. Puck tells us, "I've had experience with gay people before and it doesn't bother me if you're gay." Thanks, Puck. "It bothers me if it's all AIDS, AIDS, AIDS, gay, young, AIDS." Those are the opening lyrics to the song "Mr. AIDS Man Gay Activist," from the album of the same title. Puck says that he thinks Pedro's boyfriend is much cooler than Pedro is.

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