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We'll Have a Gay Old Time!

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We'll Have a Gay Old Time!

The episode opens with signs from various Seattle bars. In an interview, Lindsay tells us helpfully that "gay clubs are more fun than straight clubs" because the people "aren't as conservative." Lindsay, Janet and David are shown dancing away on a strangely empty dance floor. Do these kids just not go to cool clubs, or does the club empty when they show up? Or do the producers bribe people to clear the dance floor, so they don't have to get signed releases from everyone in the place? Anyway, then we see Nathan and Stephen dancing, too, but not together. Janet tells Lindsay that everyone in the club thinks they are lesbians. The horror! You mean if you go to a gay club, people might think you are gay? David shakes his groove thang with a transvestite. Lindsay voice-overs that the transvestite was "pretty hot" but my television tells me otherwise. Now, all ten people have cleared the dance floor and someone has given the transvestite a microphone. He asks Lindsay if she's "gay, straight, or..." and Lindsay yells out that she's gay, and then yells the word "lesbian" twice. Stephen is talking to a group of people, telling them about Lindsay's "crazy energy." In an interview, Stephen says that he met a guy named David who is bisexual. (This David will heretofore be known as BiDavid to distinguish him from roommate David.) David is dancing with the transvestite, calling him a "Filipino princess." Said princess calls David "Untucked-shirt Spice" and David says that he prefers "Sloppy Spice." Remember when it was cool to call people [something] Spice? Yeah, me neither. The transvestite (sorry to keep calling him that, but we never get a name) tells David that sloppy kisses are the best, and starts unbuttoning his shirt. Lindsay and Janet giggle behind their hands like first-graders.

It's the morning after the gay club night, and Lindsay is drinking out of a gigantic coffee mug. Janet and David stumble into the kitchen with bedhead. Well, for David, it's kind of regular head, since that's what his hair looks like most of the time. Janet says she feels like crap. David says he assumes they drank their faces off. Janet danced like a rock star. David agrees she was in "rare form" and Janet tells him that he's one to talk, because he was "dancing and kissing a transvestite." David tells her to shut up, because that's how rumors get started. Janet downgrades her accusation to kissing the transvestite on the cheek. David's foggy synapses finally connect, and he says, "Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah."

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