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Welcome to Sin City: The Real World Guide to Vegas

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Welcome to Sin City: The Real World Guide to Vegas

CJP and Theo introduce the anger segment. They are barely letting those two talk at this point. I think the producers just got tired of Theo botching lines and cut their segments as much as possible. Arissa complains that Irulan tells all her secrets to Frank. Alton thinks Irulan has a big mouth. Irulan thinks that Frank is "creating a situation" where she and Arissa can no longer be friends. So Arissa/Frank/Irulan is Fight #1. Frank thinks that Steven only cares about himself. Alton yells at Steven in the hallway. Steven and Frank yell at each other. So Steven/Frank is Fight #2. Frank says that he and Arissa joke around a lot, and she pretends to be mad, but she isn't. Frank tells Arissa that she's "the bitchy black chick." So Arissa/Frank is Fight #3. Wow, does anyone get along with Frank? Brynn says that she and Steven have never been cool with each other. Steven thinks that Brynn is rude. Brynn overhears Steven talking about her, runs into the room, and shoves him. Arissa and Irulan break the fight up. Steven yells at Brynn that she's "a little slutty tramp bitch." Plus a lot of words that were bleeped out. Ooh, that looks like a good fight. Steven accuses Brynn of laying her hands on him three times. Brynn cries to her mother that she thinks she's going to get kicked out. So Steven/Brynn is fight number four. And those are just the biggies. Woo!

CJP -- whose makeup is just pancaked on, which isn't doing her any favors -- says that there is "a lot of big-time action." She promises that there will be a lot more sinning this season. She plugs the "Cheap Slots" game at, and a few bad puns later, Theo tells us to take a sneak peak at the season. He struggles through his one remaining line, and I find that I was holding my breath until he got through it, because his line readings (or lack thereof) make me so anxious. Please, never hire him as a host again. What, Kyle wasn't available? Oh, I forgot. He's busy doing theater work.

Anyway, here's what's in the final clip montage. Steven says you should always use condoms. Someone takes a pregnancy test. Steven says he couldn't handle a child. He is a child, so I'm sure he couldn't handle one. Alton talks to someone on the phone about becoming a father. Do these people understand birth control? Irulan is attracted to Mark the Boss. EEWWWWW! He's gross. The roommates vacation in Australia and the girls frolic topless. Frank asks if Brynn is hooking up with Irulan. Alton tells Irulan (I think) that he's in love with her. They take a bath together. Then she yells at him. The montage over, Theo asks if anyone will get kicked out of the house. CJP asks if anyone will get their ass kicked. Theo asks how many people can fit in a Jacuzzi. And they blessedly end the segment. I have to say, I'm really looking forward to this season now. If nothing else, it won't be boring.

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