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Welcome to Sin City: The Real World Guide to Vegas

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Welcome to Sin City: The Real World Guide to Vegas

Suddenly, CJP's hair isn't in a bun anymore and there are two people sunning themselves in the background, like, couldn't they clear the area before filming? Now I'm totally distracted by the dude in the background, who is lumpy and wearing shapeless yellow swim trunks. Anyway, CJP says something about melodrama, which I think was her major in college. She has a B.S. in Melodrama with a Concentration in Nodding and a Minor in Closure Through Sexual Relations.

Theo and CJP are now sitting in front of some slot machines wearing entirely different outfits. I think CJP is wearing a black corset. Anyway, Theo introduces the next roommate. Irulan (pronounced Ear-roo-lahn) is twenty-three and from New York City. She looks a lot like Arissa, but she has a nose piercing. That's how I'm going to tell them apart at first, so I hope she doesn't take it out. Her father died when she was young, so she always has a man in her life. She has a boyfriend named Gabe, but they have an open relationship. She hooked up with someone in their circle of friends, which created stress, and her boyfriend told her that if she hooked up with someone on television, he would never talk to her again. So this is an open relationship how, exactly? Let me guess. He can hook up with whomever he wants, but he uses emotional blackmail to keep her from doing so. Dump the zero and get a hero, honey. Irulan says that when ignorant or racist people make comments to her, she feels it's her duty to speak up. Oh, she's one of those. The ones who won't let it drop. However, she refuses to identify with the black or white race, because she just wants to be herself. Irulan used to have an eating disorder. She loves gossip. She thinks she'll have a good time with people who are open. I get the feeling that Irulan is going to be one of those people who ends up being so completely different from how she appeared on the casting special, like David from New Orleans. I liked him on the casting special. I thought he was funny and weird. Okay, so I was partly right.

CJP introduces the final roommate. Alton is twenty-two years old and from San Diego, California. He plays the violin, and he likes to rollerblade and rock climb. He hopes to go into veterinary medicine. He started a business to supply temporary technicians to hospitals. Alton looks like someone. He's kind of a cross between a young Magic Johnson and Taye Diggs, but he doesn't have the good-looking parts of either one, really. He's kind of handsome, but kind of plain. Anyway. Alton thinks that some people won't like him, and he's cool with that. Alton is also considering pediatric medicine, and feels that he might get into trouble in Las Vegas. Oh, he just referred to himself in the third person. Kim hates that.

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