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Welcome to Sin City: The Real World Guide to Vegas

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Welcome to Sin City: The Real World Guide to Vegas

CJP introduces us to the hooking-up montage. Brynn predicts that someone will hook up in the house. Steven says that his weakness is beautiful women. Arissa is horny and wants to kiss Steve's mouth. Brynn and Trishelle express their admiration for each other in interviews, and then hang out naked in the hot tub with Steven. Steven thinks that Trishelle is sexy. Some roommate we haven't met yet loves Trishelle. Steven bites Brynn's belt in a dance club. Trishelle and Brynn shower together. Arissa thinks she's stuck in a porno. Three people are in bed together. Man, this season is going to be OFF the HOOK! Sorry, I've watched that Fastlane promo a few too many times.

CJP introduces the next roommates as "a smartie." Does it take much to be considered a smartie on this show? Since the majority of the roommates are lucky to have two brain cells to rub together, anyone with an average intellect looks like a genius. Anyway, the smartie in question is Frank, a twenty-two-year-old from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. He's applying to graduate school, and had the ideal childhood, although he was a bit spoiled. He uses his mom's credit card to buy his mom a Christmas present. In high school, Frank was a long-haired pot-smoking hippie. Dude, he was in Nowheresville, Pennsylvania. What else was there to do but smoke pot? But he did correctly use antithesis, so points for that. Frank says that he always gets girls who are "pure." He details his ex-girlfriends' sexual histories, which I'm sure they appreciate, and says that he likes the untainted girls. So he's a pedophile? I'm just saying.

CJP tells us that there was a lot of envy in Las Vegas, which introduces another clip package. I'm going to have to recap all of these clips when they actually air, so I'm not going into too much detail now. Plus, we don't know any context, which makes most of them quite meaningless. I think I liked it better when they did actual casting specials. Anyway, Brynn thinks that all of her female roommates are much cuter than she is, and they all have bigger boobs than she does, too. Someone says that when Trishelle is drunk, she is "a party girl like Brynn." Trishelle makes out with Steven in a club right in front of Frank, who mimes shooting himself in the head. I hope that gesture is his only resemblance to Kyle. Frank thought Trishelle was a really nice sweet girl, but she's trash, and so is Steven. We see a very drunk Trishelle pulling an equally drunk Steven down a hallway. Trishelle, Steven, and Brynn rub each other up in the hot tub while Frank creepily watches. But then the camera pulls back and reveals the other roommates watching, too. Which is creepy. Trishelle and Steven snuggle in bed while Brynn says she's jealous that they are getting action.

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