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Welcome to Sin City: The Real World Guide to Vegas

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Welcome to Sin City: The Real World Guide to Vegas

CJP tells us that one of the seven deadly sins is sloth ("which means laziness" -- how dumb do they think we are?), and that when you are in Vegas, you have to sleep all day so you're ready for the crazy nights. Thank God for blackout curtains. A guy delivers a package to Brynn, and it contains VIP passes for something. Arissa reads something aloud about their job, which will be at the Palms Casino and Resort (which is also where they are living). I guess they have no excuse for blowing off work, when all they have to do is take an elevator downstairs. Mark, their boss, explains that he throws parties to promote things, and that it's very simple. I'm sure they'll still screw it up. In an interview, Brynn says that she doesn't like the job, and she needs someone to tell her when to be there, or she won't do it. I already hate her. Go work at K-Mart as a cashier. Punch a clock and make minimum wage. Or grow the fuck up. Mark the Boss tells Arissa (I think) that if people suck at the job, they will be suspended. Brynn says that she's very irresponsible when it comes to work. Well, she's on the right show, then. Mark the Boss wears a terrible-looking bandanna that I think has been Bedazzled as he tells one of the roommates that he's going to start docking pay because the work isn't getting done. Arissa tells someone that she's never been fired from a job. Some foreign guy tells the roommates that their work ethic sucks. Hee! I love the foreign guy. Mark tells the roommates that they can't drink while they work, and it's a big deal. Cut to the roommates drinking while they work. Arissa says that their boss might be schizophrenic. Some girl says that they won't be able to do the work in seventy-two hours. Someone else says that Mark the Boss thinks they can't get the job done. I'm sure the kids will pull together and triumph, but only after three or four fights, and it will be like the one piece of work they do all season, and then they will be all self-congratulatory about it, when most people have to work every day of their lives, and don't get VIP passes to concerts or meet famous people. Ingrates.

Theo babbles some more, and then CJP brings up some more deadly sins: lust and envy. Every time she says something, she shakes her head around in the most fake way possible. She would be a perfect morning-show host in some city like Dayton, Ohio. I could totally see her doing a Regis and Kelly rip-off in some third- or fourth-tier media city, all the while telling her friends in St. Louis that she's sure she's going to be offered a job in New York or L.A. any day now. But she never will. Theo looks everywhere but into the camera as he promises to show us the hookups when we return from commercial. As fakey and annoying as CJP is at being the host, Theo is just bad. I imagine that every sentence required multiple takes for him, and in the end, they were like, "Just say something about sex and throw us to commercial" because he couldn't get the line right.

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