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Wedding Bells, Schmedding Bells

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Wedding Bells, Schmedding Bells

We learn that Tim is wearing green Docs with his suit. Yawn.

Irene's family all has the same hair. Snore.

Aaron is standing around his bedroom with his shirt off, all wet from the shower. I'm finding it hard to concentrate. Aaron, for me, is one of those guys who, if I knew him personally, I would loathe, but at the same time, I would really want to jump. It's like the hate that's really love. Or something. Anyway, he, Jon, and Dom are discussing their ensembles for the wedding. No one cares.

Irene is wearing white cowboy boots under her wedding gown. I suddenly feel like I've fallen into an episode of A Wedding Story on The Learning Channel.

Everyone is ready to leave for the ceremony: dressed, pressed, reading the directions. Beth? STILL IN BED. Dude, I would leave her sorry ass. Being late to a wedding because you were in bed until noon is the height of rudeness. Being late because you got lost on the way to the church, or because the church is fifty miles away, and it's raining harder than you've ever seen it rain in California, and you're not 100% sure of where you're going, and because, in the car, you get into a discussion with your date for the wedding (someone who recently broke your heart), about all the reasons he didn't want to be your boyfriend, all because the person in the backseat, your friend and his roommate, stupidly made a comment about a certain girl the date had slept with, and about whom the rest of us weren't supposed to know, except the date had confided in my roommate who couldn't keep a secret anymore and told everyone, that's one thing. But because you're sleeping? That's rude. Not that I would know, or anything.

Beth beautifies while the rest of them wait for her. Aaron threatens to leave her there. LEAVE HER, AARON.

Beth can't find her shoes and bitches as they head out the door that her hair is still wet. THEN GET UP IN TIME TO DRY IT, PRINCESS! Gawd.

They drive to the wedding. Have you ever been on the freeway? Then I don't need to describe this scene.

In one of the cars, Dom asks Tami if she "can envision or even THINK about what the man [she's] going to marry" will be like. "I need to know," he says. Tami laughs and says she just needs someone who knows when to agree with her. Hey, Tami has a lot of problems -- like, she's completely insane, for example -- but at least she's honest.

And this is where we learn what kind of person each of the roommates sees themselves marrying.

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